Vanish is STILL bugged

Almost to Burning Crusade and vanish STILL does not operate properly. How is this possible lol

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Quite a few bugs still in game, I think they’re putting all their eggs in the “TBC is next” basket unfortunately and Blizzard, er should I say Activision does not allocate enough resources to the Classic Team.

How is it not working properly? The reason vanish used to operate the way it did was due to spell batching.

Vanish did not operate this way in vanilla.

Yes it did.

The class that can CC stun lock people to death is crying about vanish not working boo hoo

Let’s bug your frost nova to not work 25% of the time

With the update Vanish appears to be working correctly minus ONE thing…

What I have noticed VS enemy rogues when they vanish on me I am able to see them regardless of the vanish execution for about 1/5th second or so, I have been paying very close attention to the time they are visible after vanish to see how long it takes before the “Vanish” buff (better stealth) is applied.

Vanish is not 100% reliable VS instant cast spells such as earth, frost shock and flame blast.

These spells should not break vanish “After” instantly.