Vanilla to Wrath Horde Feathermoon Players!

Hey guys and gals,

I created a community for people that played on Feathermoon from vanilla to Wrath. If anyone remembers me let me know for an invite or use the link!

Lets see if I can get some of the old crew back together! I'm lookin' at you Kodos, Prides, Shadows of Chaos'.
I was there...
I was there.

Oh. Hi. I was there :upside_down_face: …not anymore but…was.

I was there. Returning after a hiatus since Cata!

I was there

Holy hell it’s Kiratin!! I was there too!!! Remember me? I was there thru Cata. Came back for Legion, a few months of BFA, and I’ve been tooling around in Shadowlands a bit but the magic is basically gone. How you been??

I used to be in Full on Rogues during Wrath! I raided with Corpsegoat all during Naxx/Ulduar/Icecrown

I was mostly Alliance… But started playing classic again…thinking of making a horde guild and naming it Errant Pride <3 the memories of world pvp at cross roads…the rps.