Vanilla, TBC, maybe Wrath?

Hey everyone,

I was talking to Final and we were discussing the history of guilds on Staghelm. We mentioned famous ones like Attrition, Vanquish, and Heaven’s Judgement. We were trying to remember less famous guilds as well. I wanted to get a collection of guilds and create friendly discussion and think of the old times! Drop your guilds below!

Mine are…
Eternal Power
Nox Incurro
Trial by Fire

Fraggers Hall
Adamantium Dawn
Phoenix (something, could be fall or rising, don’t remember anymore)
Faith of the Fallen

On the horde side there was Reawaken, Impure, and Downfall. I was really surprised to log on to Staghelm a few days ago and still see Clan Plaid guild tags.

Not Suitable for Kids (3rd guild)
Vis Invictis (1st guild)
Scorn (2nd Guild)
The Foundation
Immortalis Arma

Moonlight Shadow and Myriad. :grin:

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Alliance National Guard
Knights who say Ni

Shadow Wolf Pride

Active since vanilla,
There is only a couple of us playing still.