Vanilla silver hand!

Hello there, Tempered here, the Undead Rogue from Clan Demonsbane during vanilla! It’s been a long time since I felt a sense of community in this game, and I for one am excited to give Classic a try, even if I’m just hyping myself up for absolutely nothing!

The other night I was going through some old screenshots and compiled a list of players who have come and gone in Clan Demonsbane, and wanted to give their names and classes a shout-out in case any of you are perhaps still out there under a different alias / realm (look at me for crying out loud)! I hope to run into some of you one day again. Also a shout-out to Pact of War! :slight_smile:

Aiza (Mage)
Ajain (Hunter)
Alizun (Priest)
Altani (Priest)
Angoria (Priest)
Ashariel (Monk)
Ashpaws (Druid)
Beefoffury (Shaman)
Blooddevil (Warlock)
Bloodfaith (Priest)
Burdn (Rogue)
Caulfield (Druid)
Cerandus (Druid)
Cinic (Shaman)
Corazonroto (Shaman)
Darkest (Warlock)
Deya (Shaman)
Dissensus (Hunter)
Dreadnok (Warrior)
Duti (Priest)
Eirnin (Warrior)
Emitsmister (Druid)
Erissia (Warlock)
Frydays (Mage)
Ganks (Mage)
Greema (Warlock)
Grudan (Mage)
Gula (Hunter)
Hellsbelle (Priest)
Helvalus (Priest)
Hepatoca (Warlock)
Hersilia (Shaman)
Joshia (Shaman)
Kargenic (DK)
Kaya (Warrior)
Kogg (Shaman)
Krassus (Rogue)
Kratos (Shaman)
Krushh (Warrior)
Kyeneia (Priest)
Lahk (Monk)
Mackblood (Mage)
Marack (Paladin)
Munch (Hunter)
Mwathrus (Warlock)
Nalilya (Paladin)
Nikkii (Rogue)
Nixoriah (Priest)
Noochous (Mage)
Oara (Priest)
Olis (Mage)
Ouranos (Druid)
Paaks (Paladin)
Pyronicous (Mage)
Raga (Hunter)
Rainmaker (Shaman)
Restoraunt (Druid)
Rethik (Warlock)
Revanant (Warrior)
Roguerous (Rogue)
Saige (Mage)
Sargone (Warrior)
Skackle (Shaman)
Slyle (Warrior)
Sterling (Paladin)
Sucary (Rogue)
Tempered (Rogue)
Thrombone (Priest)
Tipsea (Hunter)
Twistedhope (Mage)
Tytus (Warrior)
Vannce (Rogue)
Waja (Mage)
Waldir (Paladin)
Xessala (Shaman)
Zephyre (Rogue)
Zephyris (Priest)
Zephyus (Warrior)
Zindaa (Hunter)

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This is pretty sweet, Burdn the Rogue! I did give Classic a good shot, hit about 47 I think. It brought back nostalgia and the grind lol! But it was fun. I was smarter this time. Picked up my mount by level 41 not 50 or something haha. Since then Off and on like most players I think through the years. Didn’t play any WoD, but was in all the other expansions at some point, then most recently caught the tail end of BFA and currently playing Monk for Shadowlands!

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BURDN!!! Glad to see you’re still around! Sweet dude! Yeah I think I only made it to like lvl 18 on an Orc warlock before quitting classic lol! I’ve always been around, mostly toon-hopping. Currently have one lvl 60 in Shadowlands (Zenwrath on Zul’Jin). I still have an undead rogue ‘Tempered’ on Silver Hand in Krushh’s guild haha, can never desert him! I still remember him yelling at me, you, and Kakita when doing too much DPS on the second boss in BWL during progression raids XD.

Where you at Burdn?!! :smiley: