Vanilla Players (Shadowmoon)

Any of the old school Vanilla players going to play Classic?

Ill be checking it out. If anyone from Legacy is still around hit me up on discord.


Hey guys, and anyone else that runs across this. There is a “Shadowmoon and Friends” discord server that you may join and meet up with some guys from Shadow Moon back in the day. There is something like 100 people in the server.

Here is the invite link and hope to see you there! “” Add https:// before it, it is not letting me add links to the post for some reason.


Ill be going alliance warrior this time around.

Do you have a new invite link? Seems this one expired

I was in Legacy with you. You and Bayfin were the most fun people i’ve ever raided with.

I replied on the wrong character. Phovos here, you might actually recognize the Tauren.

Im Karuz if anyone is familiar with me, also now posts require 10 characters apparently and they filter curse words. Wut

Anyone around still that can throw out that Discord invite for Shadowmoon and Friends? I’m planning to return for Dragonflight. Would be cool to reconnect with any familiar faces.