Vanilla DI Players - Playing Classic?

So who all from Dark Iron vanilla is coming back for classic? I know myself, and a few other Peekay guys are coming back. Even Clint Howard (formerly known as Extas) might be popping in.

I’m not going to bother, look, I’ve had my share of ex’s, and they’re all the same. Once you’ve pounded and been hounding for the same,
After years you go back and they remain unchanged.
The only thing that’s different and New,
It’s pretty much, Just me and Draintwo.
Now let’s get nekky, and play in the rain,
I’ve got the slip and slide, you know the game!

I came to edit, much like I did, in those days when I’d make you all livid.
On various toons I’d hide and I’d stalk,
Then I’d pick you off when you began to talk.
It was great, but times they’ve changed.
I’m no longer tired of idiots,
I’m numb from the pain.

So unless you have an Invite,
AND Hardtix is there.
Ferines I hear, is somewhere out there.
Elzar may be around, he’s out and about.

This peacebloom is fine, to that there is no doubt.
I’m here to stay, even when I’m gone,
When I log for days, and months at a tiiiime.

I will be returning, ya dang cuties.

Aw shiit, here we go again

Anyone from Six Feet Under still around?

QJ sucks!

Love Azaile.