@ Vanilla Aegwynn Players

Anyone still around that played on Aegwynn during Vanilla? If so, list your toons name, race, class and guild!

Guyute, Orc, Hunter, Shatter

I do think I have a Vague memory of you from back in the day!

Vegeir, Tauren, Druid, Legend / Cant Inja These Ninjas

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I remember Shatter…didnt you guys do a lot of pvp?

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Bainne, Dwarf, Hunter, Lucid Light

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Yep, Shatter pvped a lot and then moved to pve after most members hit rank 11 or so.

I was in Shatter until BT was cleared in Burning Crusade, I’m actually trying to get my old account from back the recovered at the moment so I was searching for old Shatter stuff and found this thread.

I was Lothi, Druid.

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Late to this but…

Wilber, Night Elf Druid, Etched in Blood

Alliance NE hunter Weedmann, later force name change to onehitwonder, guild DoA under guild master Bladev. Nostalgia… wonder if anyone is still around…

I remember your name, and who could forget Bladev? He could move mountains.

I was Concertina in Vanilla wow… then Aeonia in Shatter. Nice to see some familiar names pop up in here