Val'anyr nerf

changes both good and bad have been in this game since classic launched and changes have continued throughout, its really weird to see “what happened to no changes?” come up after every single change, considering there has to be a few hundred by now

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“Worked.” Lol

could you…um…a fat-finger a zero to my bank account plz?

If that’s the case, then they did a poor job at phrasing it…

So, basically, shield calculations were wrong, not that u could stack it higher really.

Lol 200k is busted as hell get outta here

LOL ya I’m not in banking, just creating orders to move and ship equipment for the company I work with. Its Data Entry and Data Processing.

Generally we usually catch the fat finger as we do it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a dev from over a decade ago didnt realize it (as is clearly the case).

i just messing around :smiley:
I’ve started in data myself too out of college.

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Basicly the code read if shield equal greater than 20000 set shield value to 200000 the typo was 200k not set to 20k. As a note the shield also kept renewing to 200k on any heal so long as the buff lasted on the healer and the shield don’t fall sub 20k.

it’s doesn’t matter , disc priest would still be OP

because it was broken?
Just because nobody caught it the first time around doesn’t mean it was intended to be 200k which is what you are suggesting.
Frankly I’m surprised nobody noticed it before but that’s just me.

Isn’t it really hard to get it to 20k anyway? That is 15% of 133,000 healing, which would be about 7 holy lights critting in a row.

Because it wasn’t all of wrath, 3.3.5 is the very last patch with ruby sanctum. It probably wasn’t doing this during toc and icc progression.

And DEFINITELY shouldn’t now

It’s in fact quite easy for example two holy pallys with it in icc.

That’s closer to 4 holy light non crits each on anyone in the raid without it breaking, as beacon will transfer that to tank plus the splash on melee. As such so long as enough haste this can happen here and there between boss hits on some bosses like litch king where he stops meleeing to cast other spells giving a short break for it to happen in fact when people reported this bug one vid of someone taking 3 melees from litch king back to back without it breaking was shown. That being said looked to be on a private server so won’t link as not a good example.

Both weps add to the same shield on the target not diff ones.

It’s also super common to proc at same time as proc rate is high so it tends to proc right away once you start healing and you start healing around same time.

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