Val'anyr nerf

Fixing glitch = nerf lol


Fixing a bug isn’t a nerf.


It was a bug that went unnoticed when it was in the 3.3.5 patch.

Fixing bugs isn’t a nerf.


I agree – add LFD/RDF to LKClassic


It is if it’s how it worked originally and was never fixed :slight_smile:

I mean the Devs say:

And it’s not surprising someone may have accidentally fat fingered a 0. My job is Data Entry and it happens often that someone fat fingers an additional letter/number/symbol

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Which doesn’t change my point that if it worked that way all of wrath originally why shouldn’t it work the same now?

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Because if it was noticed in OG wrath it would have been fixed with a dev post probably under the lines of “Whoops we accidentally added a 0 to the cap” in the note.

But it wasn’t noticed so it’s obviously not that game breaking now is it?

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Because 200k for a shield is too high. This isnt retail before the stat squish when a 200k shield would be minimal. They noticed the mistake and fixed it.

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Then why wasn’t it noticed back then?

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Neither was many other things we have uncovered since the launch of Classic that was still technically possible back then.

We have better internet capabilities now and people who take theory crafting to levels way above what they were back then because we can so easily bounce ideas off one another to the point we can set up a hypothesis, execute it what is needed, and see and share the results.

For example with how absurd unholy DK Haste scaling was with gargoyle which we saw in Naxx yes it was possible back then but without the theory crafting we have now it wasn’t as abusable.

And a 200k shield is absurd.

As with my above reasoning…

Val’anyr is a hammer from Ulduar which few people did fully because of ToC coming out so soon after with better which means fewer people had access to it which means less people to experiment with it and theory craft.

The more people can play with something the more we find out quirks/bugs/glitches. All it takes in video games is one creative mind to say hey I’m going to do X which exposes a bug that the devs never knew was there because they simply never thought that situation.

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since its their game adn they will do what ever they want with it.

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Yup and it just keeps going downhill.

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Changes wereade before Classic launched. The changes continued in order to adjust to how players were playing the game.

changes both good and bad have been in this game since classic launched and changes have continued throughout, its really weird to see “what happened to no changes?” come up after every single change, considering there has to be a few hundred by now

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“Worked.” Lol

could you…um…a fat-finger a zero to my bank account plz?

If that’s the case, then they did a poor job at phrasing it…

So, basically, shield calculations were wrong, not that u could stack it higher really.

Lol 200k is busted as hell get outta here