Utility issues of classes

Wow I think your developing team needs to figure a way to make the game more balanced for individuals. It is very screwed up that I just started playing the game 3 months ago and though I really have fun with the game the only way I can join a pug is if im playing meta classes that offer so much utility. My rogue can’t make it to groups because you guys do such a bad job at making every class be a little balanced and have a good utility they can bring to every group. Now the only thing that people want is this game is druids/mages/hunters for lust and revives as dps and its very screwed up you guys need to incorporate a skill in the game where every dps class has a skill like lust so people can get accepted more into groups, Blizzard its really not fair that the only chance I can play is by making a class that I don’t enjoy.

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