Uther *spoilers maybe?*

So I just watched Afterlives: Bastion

As Uther is screaming from Frostmourne plunging into his chest, his souls seems to… split for lack of better word. It seems like Part of Uther’s spirit went to the light and the other part was trapped by the Runeblade.

Was Uther’s soul destined for whatever “Light afterlife” exists? I feel that the animation alludes to that

Part of his soul was trapped in the Runeblade. Part of his soul was dragged into Bastion. It seems the Light interceded on his behalf, but I would guess condering part of his soul did go to Bastion, all of his soul would have went to Bastion had he just died normally.

Though … that does bring up an interesting point. Did Bastion half of Uther go through the Arbiter system, or was it plugged into Bastion directly by the Light? Because either way that brings up problems.

I guess that part of me (the neck beard Paladin part) truely wishes that Uther gained some reward from the light, that it didn’t actually abandon its servants. It seems like a common theme so far.

But yeah, I think that Uther’s soul is “split”. It seems that his soul is broken, as Devos said