[US][H][Hyjal] <Banana Hammock> AOTC Focused Team (Midcore, 1 night a week. 8/8H)(Saturday 8:30pm-11:30pm PST)

Currently 8/8H

We’re openly recruiting any dps! Special consideration for mages and priests!

Hi! We’re Banana Hammock, an old guild building a team to have a good time in raid. We’re a midcore team, only raiding one night so while we mess around a LOT in comms we do have an expectation of performance in order to actually clear each tier. But we do have an emphasis on having a good time and enjoying each night, whether we make a ton of progress or very little. Our team has experience with AOTC in BFA and Castle Nathria, as well as experience with BFA mythic. We have completed AOTC for Vault of the Incarnates after only 6 weeks of heroic prog, with our focus being on collecting gear and preparing for next tier!

Raid Time: Saturday 8:30pm-11:30pm PST

Requirements: A good attitude and an understanding that while we mess around during raid, we also need to stay focused to prog enough each night to make it through each tier. This can also include extended lockouts, so doing M+ for gear is important.

Raid Expectations: Please have at least a boss mod running (Deadly Boss Mods/Bigwigs), Weakauras, personal buffs, and a little communication if unable to make a raid night.

Goals: AOTC and many of us aim for KSM as well. We want to enjoy a laidback raid environment and have fun with one another while working our way through heroic each tier. We will be balancing this due to our limited raid time, and while we aren’t aiming for finishing at lightning pace we will be expecting each player to perform well.

Additional notes: One of our guild traditions is the encouragement of swapblasters during trash, as well as the ban of all items that negate the ability to use them (ex: Neural Silencer). We would also like to emphasize while we will be serious about performance, we like to have fun and chill in comms especially. We joke around, make fun of each other, and we have a resident cursed dj that sometimes graces us with dating sims, etc.

Anyone interested in a trial feel free to reach out! Highly appreciate logs!

Guild Head: Battle Tag: FROSTYLEMUR#1409 Discord: Zedella#1455

Raid Lead: Battle Tag: avenlite#1406 Discord: Avenlite#4022