[US][Black Dragonflight] [H]<Chocobo Banditos> life friendly guild for raid and social

Hey there! Thank you for checking out our guild post.

Who are we? Well, reconstructing the guild with a fresh start from a previous “ahead of the curve” guild. Honestly, life is just busy and can’t dedicate time and energy to WoW like once able. This guild is the family/life friendly guild. We understand that things happen but when possible you want to raid, mythic + or even PvP. This is the place for that.

Raids and Mythic + Time is short and sometimes limited. You don’t want to be waiting for your entire time for a group. So we use discord to coordinate raids and mythic + runs so you can jump on with a group and get a head start. We ask people to show up ready for raid with some knowledge of the fights and your flasks, pots, and food ready to go. If we clear that’s awesome but importantly we are having a good time and enjoying the game together.

If this is something that seems interesting to you then please send me a message on Discord at Czarni#2216 or in game feel free to find the guild recruitment to request to join. Would love to chat or get you an invite. We also have a community which can be found and auto invites. Feel free to join!

I’d love to join your guild - I am a returning player as well. Would I need to move my character to your realm? Currently I am on Shu’halo - Thanks