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About The Guild
Remnants of Hope was founded on June 7, 2009. Originally a Star Wars Galaxies guild, we have since moved on to play GW2, SWTOR, ESO and World of Warcraft (WoW). We’re more than just a gaming guild – we are truly a community made of members who enjoy playing every single aspect of the games we play, from PvE to PvP to RP to chattering socially with each other over our expansive forums and Discord. We’re made up of members from all over the world, with a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, genders and play styles. Because we’re community-oriented, you’ll never feel like just another cog in the wheel. We’ve only got one common goal – to enjoy our favorite online games together. We’d love for you to join us!

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for folks who are interested in the community and the people they play with as much as the game. If you have a get in and get out mentality then Remnants is probably not for you. If you want to enjoy and down content with capable players who are friendly and patient, then Remnants is most likely a great fit for you. If you’re just returning and are looking for a great guild to catch up and grow with or are simply looking for a more grown up environment then look no further, we kindly offer a trial membership which gives you a chance to get to know us better before committing and vice versus.

We strive to help our members get the most out of PvE content and also assist them in improving and advancing. We are always willing to provide advice and guidance on builds, gearing, and mechanics. We are currently planning on restarting normal raiding and subsequently heroic raiding as our progress dictates. It is a great time to join the guild if you are just returning to the game or missed out on this content before the next patch hits.

We encourage fun and friendly gaming to both the fans of PvP and those curious about it. RoH PvP primarily focuses on the social aspect of gaming, and players of all skill are welcome to join us at any time. To those interested in honing their skills, we are always willing to lend a hand with builds, classes, and how it all comes together to make a character effective.

Our goal is to provide engaging roleplay that inspires members to take an active interest in the story, their characters, and each other. We welcome new role players and seasoned alike. Our Roleplay Officer has over eighteen years of GM experience in online gaming environments so come check out our latest storylines today!

Our crafting department provides the consumables you need to participate in the events of our other departments. The guild bank offers flasks, potions, and feasts for our event times, as well as gems and enchants to keep your gear competitive. We also hold raffles and gathering events with prizes for those who like to help us keep our guild bank stocked!

Play Socially or Casually

Although we have members doing end-game content, we also have many members who play when they have time, or enjoy the simpler pleasures in WoW like leveling slowly or going on random adventures. We also have a very inviting approach when it comes to difficult content: many of our members are happy to bring along a “newbie” to dungeons or new content, but there’s no pressure for you to join events you aren’t interested in!

What we offer:

  • Very active forums
  • Discord for voice chat and keeping in touch while away from the computer
  • Freedom to play your game the way you want
  • Scheduled events on the calendar as well as “pop-up” events put together through guild chat
  • Friendly and non-judgmental community and environment
  • A structured leadership team, with officers for each of our departments (PvE, PvP, RP, Crafting, and Recruitment)

What we value in our guild members:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Maturity
  • Team Player
  • Respect

How to Join

Visit us and apply at: remnantsofhope dot com

Trumane / Ectro (in-game) - btag: Orctopus#2592

Please view your application as our first meeting! Take your time and fill it out as thoroughly as possible. You are not only joining the WoW division of Remnants of Hope, but also the entire Remnants of Hope gaming community.


Best thing I’ve done is jump over to this guild - the community is so helpful and welcoming! Come join the team, we have something for everyone, including other games!

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Hello again folks!

Current list of weekly events (times are in CT):

  • Last Chance Mythics (Mon @ 7pm)
    • M+ runs to get everyone a vault keystone drop if they haven’t gone one yet.
  • Choreghast Torghast Runs (Wed @ 6pm)
    • …it is what it is, might as well run them with some guildies.
  • Transmog Runs (Thu @ 7pm)
    • Fact: Your dps goes up the better your character looks.
  • Low-key M+ runs (Fri @ 4pm)
    • Lower key runs to help guildies gear up and learn the routes and strats.
  • SoD Raid Day (Sat @ 4pm)
    • second day TBD
  • High-key M+ runs (Fri/Sat evenings)
    • Guild groups to push higher keys.
  • RP nights (Sun @ TBD)
    • Will have details soon
  • RBG / Arena Nights (TBD)
    • Will have details soon

Contacts: Orctopus#2592

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Still looking for more members!! Come apply for our wonderful community

Raids have started! We’re starting off slow and steady through SoD Normal with 2/10 down on the first raid night.

Raid times:

  • Thu 7-9 pm (CT)
  • Sat 4-7 pm (CT)

Lots of M+ runs going on at previously listed event times and around the week as we gear up for heroic!

PVE Department is looking to fill out the ranks in preparation for Heroic progression:

Back-up Off-Tanks:

Ranged DPS:
Druid (Balance)

Melee DPS:

Priest (Disc or Holy)

There’s no need to switch servers to try out a raid night with us. Our raid nights are Thursday at 7pm Central Time (server time) and Saturday 4pm CT. We will be starting Heroic progression very soon!

I joined Remnants about a month ago and I have really enjoyed my time with the community. On the first day I joined I was welcomed by every online member and they really made it feel nice to be there. I had just hit max level and I had no idea where to start when one of the PVE leaders invited me to run a mythic. I hopped on Discord and it was great getting to know folks. They were really patient with me and we had a lot of fun. It’s been just like that every day since. Mature, friendly, and pleasant to play with.

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I joined Remnants about a year ago and have no regrets. Everyone is so helpful and understanding. There’s a real sense of community and comradery.

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Greetings everyone!

I am Lady Lilu, a WoW Division recruitment assistant of The Remnants of Hope.

I just wanted to inform anyone who happens to be interested in joining our amazing community and guild that, due to a decline in population and other reasons, RoH has decided to move the guild from Emerald Dream to Horde side Illidan. After much research and deliberation it was decided this was the best route for our Guild. Please do not let this deter you from applying and joining us in game for you would be missing out on some amazing future friends.

If yall moved back to Wyrmrest Accord, I’d have seriously considered returning and help get the RP back up and going.
Sad to see you guys leaving an RP server altogether.
Hope you guys find what you’re looking for in Illidan!

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Use to run with you guys on SWTOR. All the best on Illidan server!