[US] *Ruff Times* Recruiting for AOTC and Mythic Prog! 9/9 N, 9/9 H!

Guild : Ruff Times on Hyjal

Times : 8pm to 11pm CST sat, 8pm to 10pm CST sun

Looking for : Holy Paladin / Enhance Shaman /Ranged DPS

Hello! We are looking for some awesome people for our mid core guild! We get AOTC every season, and push half way into Mythic. This season, our goal is Cutting Edge, or as close as we can! We provide free phials, potions, enchants, food and free guild repair to all raiders! We only have a couple rules such as no raid logging (only logging in to raid), keeping your main character up to date and geared, 87%-90% attendance and no being late! We do loot council, and your attendance will play a slight role. We ask that we trial you one night to see if we are a good fit. Trials are not eligible for loot their first trial! After if we decide we are good for you, and vice versa, we will pay for your realm transfer if you are on another server. Logs are not required, but appreciated! If you do not want to raid mythic but get aotc, that is fine too!

We do have guild key nights and most guildies ended last season at 2700-3k io! Always around to help out for Keys and vault options

Already 9/9 N, 9/9 H ABB!

Discord: SinisterNyxx#2492