US Kil’jaeden Horde LF raiding guild

Hi all,

I’m a Blood DK currently trying to find a guild to call home and make friends and raid mainly. I also pvp some. I want to tank in the upcoming raids in shadowlands. I have currently ranked 8/10 normal Castle Nathria. I’m looking for a guild that raids around 8-11 server time. I started wow in Vanilla. I tanked in wrath, Cata, Panda some, and now as trying to get back to enjoying raid content in this expansion. I hope this might help me find somewhere to play with friends

Simple Design raids 5:30 to 8:30 server Tu,Thu,Sun. We are 9/10 H but also run normal with new members.

We’re a chill group and were just talking about needing a DK.

Anyone online can direct you to an officer to talk more about it.