[US] [H or A] [Illidan] <Renewal Gaming> 6/8H LF ALL for 10.1 | 1/8M Lead

Hello! Renewal Gaming’s Green Team is looking for new members to fill out a raid team for 10.1. We accept players of all skill levels who bring a willingness to learn, a sense of patience, and a good attitude to the team. We are looking for 1 tank, 2-3 healers, and dps. Looking for a Priest, Mage, DH, and Warrior. Boomkin and Warlock are also a plus for utility. New to raiding? We can help! Want a chill place outside of your HC guild? We got you!

Raid days are 8-11 pm Eastern on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Third nights are optional and rare, but sometimes are scheduled for fun. It is not required to join the server, but if you are not on Illidan, we ask that you please join our raid team community to make invites easier.

If interested, you can reply here, contact me on Discord at MysticToeBeans#3034, or on Btag at MysticTTV#1751. We also have an application at renewalgaming.com/warcraft. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Druid found, but all are welcomed still.

Warlock found, still need all

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Brood will be down soon if not next Tuesday, the 11th

All but our two new recruits and one other have AOTC, just not as a guild so far. We will be remedying that before 10.1

bump. Brood skip unlocked!

1.3% brood pull tonight