[US] [H] [Azuremyst] <The Enduring Order> - Social Guild

The Enduring Order is looking for new recruits!

We are a mix of new and veteran players doing everything from transmog runs, mount farming, BGs/Arenas, m+ runs, and casual raiding. There may not be a ton of people logged into WoW 24/7 since most of us have real-life commitments (kids, pets, jobs) but that doesn’t mean we aren’t an active group. You will commonly see gifs fill the chat channels and pet pictures in our #BarkingLot. We have a good group of genuine people who care about the community we have built, and we just want to find some more like-minded people to add to it.

New to the game, returning player we are more than willing to help you catch up or learn.

Our only rule is no toxic/elitist behavior or drama.

It doesn’t matter what class you play, as long as you’re enjoying it. It’s a game and we are all looking to enjoy it. In Dragonflight we are planning to continue mythic runs and are planning to run the raids with days yet to be set.

Whether its dungeons, mog runs, questing, or just looking for someone to pick flowers with it might be the place for you!

We also have a cross-server/cross-faction community < Hellfire Club > welcoming to anyone who doesn’t want to change servers or factions.

We are also listed in the guild and community finders.

Recruitment officers:
Discord: Bshiny#7701
Discord: Fenrir1013#9978

Community Officer:
Discord: ItsCourtney#7927

Realm: Azuremyst/Madoran/Dawnbringer/Staghelm