US-Guild Horde cutting edge Recruiting!

Guild: Charlie Work Mythic Raid team located on US-Illidan-Horde

Our Guild : As a core we’ve been raiding together since the end of Warlords of Draenor on the server US-Arthas throughout Legion. We then moved to Illidan and reformed after the first tier of Battle For Azeroth as the server population on Arthas started to decline. We are a laid back group that has goals of maintaining cutting edge throughout Shadowlands.

RECRUITMENT: OPEN (All experienced players encouraged to apply)
Currently have all healer spots open!
Select dps spot are also available among them (Hunter, Death Knight ,Mage)
Even if you don’t see your class above please pop an application in if interested.
All quality players encouraged to apply

What we expect: We are a mythic progression guild but life happens we understand we just want to kill bosses, we aren’t looking to knock down world first’s but we are still aiming for cutting edge. Below are reasons why ours raids are baaaadasssssss!

-Come prepared we come to raid!
-Have a good time!
-Always keep a positive team attitude =)
-Reliable raiders post in discord if they cant make raid.
-Inspire hope (goes without being said)
-Engage mentally try your best for the team.

Raid times: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 8-pm-11pm ET (These times are currently subject to change but these are times have raided in the past)

Where to apply:
Applications can be submitted on our Google Form here :

Please any questions our officers are almost always available in

Our Recruitment officers listed below.


Recruiting Healers: (Holy & Disc Priest) (Mist Weaver Monk)(Holy Paladin)
Damage: (Demon Hunter)(Warlock) (Hunter)(Rogue)