[US] [A] [Garona/Lightning's Blade/Icecrown/Burning Blade/Onyxia] <Noctum> 1/10M LF DPS, Healers Wed/Thurs 8:30-10 CST

Guild Name:
Server: Garona/Lightning’s Blade/Icecrown/Burning Blade/Onyxia (US) connected server group
Faction: Alliance
Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday
Times: 8:00pm - 10:30pm CST
Who to contact: Grimblymcgoo or Kaja (Bnet Kaja#1676)

Current Progress: 1/10M Castle Nathria, 10/10H, AOTC.
LF: Holy Paladin or Disc Priest, Balance Druid, Outlaw Rogue, DPS Warrior, Unholy DK or other talented DPS
RAIDERIO: https://raider.io/guilds/us/garona/Noctum

is an Alliance guild on the Garona/Lightning’s Blade/Icecrown/Burning Blade/Onyxia connected server group founded in 2007.

We are looking to add a couple of solid DPS and a healer who is interested in more than just logging in for raids. We’re casual but pushing our way into Mythic Castle Nathria and are an AOTC guild. We are an experienced group of players, many of whom have been playing since Vanilla. We strive to include everyone in our raids while having the expectation that you show up on time and ready to raid. You should have the appropriate gear for the content we are pushing. If you need an enchant or crafted item, we have folks in the guild ready to help you out with that as well. We’re not here to be your personal bank but we can help you get what you need to be raid ready.

We prefer to start with a brief conversation on discord to get to know applicants. We want you to get to know you and for you to get to know us. If it’s a good fit for both us we’ll invite you to the guild as a trial. After 2-3 weeks we’ll evaluate your performance and fit in the guild and promote to raider rank. In the rare instance that it is not a good fit (for you or us), we will provide feedback and provide an opportunity to show improvement.

We require Discord for raids, provide guild repairs, feasts, vantus runes and flasks for every raiding night.

Guild culture is important, we want guildmates who are interested in being part of a team rather than just being in it for themselves personally. We’re here to help you get gear and accomplish your goals because in the end it’s the best thing for the guild that you’re having a good time (it’s a game after all it should be fun) but we need people who show up consistently, come prepared and know the fights.

Beyond our listed recruiting needs, we’re always looking for small groups or single players who wish to play in a medium sized, stable friendly environment. If you and your friends are in a dead guild, and it’s a good fit for both, we’d love to have you! On off nights we’re running M+, doing transmog runs and playing alts.