(US 17th XP) 3/10 Guardian Druid AND Hunter LFG

Our Raid Availability: Weekdays 5-9pm PST (8-12am EST)

– Liftey’s (Guardian Druid) History/XP –

Main Class/Spec: Guardian Druid, Liftey - Bleeding Hollow
Alt Class/Spec: BM/MM Hunter, Nollie - Area 52

Guild Raiding History:
Multiple US top 150 guilds since Cataclysm as a Holy Paladin and Hunter, including Get Well Soon-Sargeras (formerly on Korgath) (Cata), Divide-Zul’jin (MoP), Progression-Stormrage (WoD), and most notably Strawberry Puppy Kisses-Area 52 (WoD).

I took a hiatus from semi-hardcore raiding after Blackrock Foundry due to IRL circumstances. I swapped to Guardian Druid during the beginning of Legion and spent most of my wow career post-Legion running a more flexible/casual M+ playstyle.

An opportunity to join a BfA M+ partner’s guild for raiding during the first tier of Shadowlands presented itself. Refined (Guild) had proven themselves with a respectable CE achievement during the previous tier on N’zoth, so I was happy to fill the role. Ultimately, the guild was not a good fit culture-wise and we parted ways.

  • Refined-Bleeding Hollow 3/10 M, Guardian Druid

Mythic Plus History
US 28th Guardian Druid Legion Season 7.3
US 19th / World 50th Guardian Druid BFA Season 4

minor mentions:

What I Bring to the Table:
I am someone who constantly researching the best way(s) to min/max everything I do in-game, from things as simple as maximizing rotational gameplay to high-end raid and M+ strategy development. I strive to learn everything down to the fine details and keep up with the newest shifts and changes as they happen.

– Arinellia’s (Hunter) History/XP –

Main Class/Spec: BM/MM Hunter, Arinellia - Bleeding Hollow
Alt Class/Spec: Resto Shaman, Arinel - Bleeding Hollow

Guild Raiding History
I came back to World of Warcraft in the middle of BFA after a long hiatus and have since been a part of two mythic progression guilds:

(1) Resolute-Bleeding Hollow:

  • Raided with Resolute during Eternal Palace (5/8M), 5 hours/week. After returning to the game, I spent much of this tier gaining my initial mythic raiding experience. Despite first stepping into this difficulty, I performed very well. The guild capped their progression at 5/8M, and I was recruited by another Bleeding Hollow guild (Refined) shortly after. I left Resolute on good terms and am still friends with the GM and many of their members today.

(2) Refined:

  • I joined Refined as a raider shortly before the release of Ny’alotha and transitioned into an Officer role as the tier progressed. My role as an Officer and Co-Raid Leader helped Refined earn CE, which was the first time they had ever earned this level of an achievement. I continued with Refined into Shadowlands, which aspired to continue achieving CE and earned 3/10M before I parted ways.
    Since parting ways, I’ve been enjoying M+ on my alt. While this has been enjoyable, I’m looking to get back into a competitive raiding environment on my main again.
    • 97% Performance Average (Damage-Heroic Nya)
    • 75% Performance Average (Damage-Mythic Nya)
    • It should be noted that although Refined achieved CE, much of the later bosses were never on ‘Farm’ (6/10 have 4 kills or less), which impacts the mythic performance average.

Mythic Plus History:
I am a hunter and about as common as a butt – but it’s a nice butt. :wink:
US 239th / Realm 4th Hunter during Season 4 of BFA

What I Bring to the Table:
I have a growth mindset and am always wanting to continue learning and improving as a player. I do this by staying up to date with my class/spec, reading the latest patch notes, and researching raid strategies. I am consistently min/maxing as much as possible through optimization of my rotation and simming my gear. I also bring an understanding to the importance of maintaining a good guild culture and strong leadership.

Hey there! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!