Urgent Call to Action for World of Warcraft Players: Addressing Dragon Flight PvP Challenges

DH pov? Lmao. Yea, nice one.


I have idea remove RSS.

Problem solved.

Deflation solved.

Inflation solved for the 3v3 ladder.

I agree Nerf DH


Healers deserve much better.

We need healers at all mmr but that’s an interesting suggestion


The healer glad mount is an absolutely good idea !


Lmao duellist carries

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The thing is it’s a bit too late to continue “watching” and way way too late to do “surgical changes”.

At this point you no longer watch and you dont do surgery anymore, you go take the hammer and smash 500 free mmr to all healers. let them go 3k+, i dont mind at all, they will compete only against each other


thats what i don’t get. season 1 already had the rating fiesta, who cares if that just becomes the new normal. the rating/mmr/inflation “system” is already a disaster, just lean into it so the players have fun. instead its maximum fun police.

another blue post that says nothing, classic


As a healer I really don’t care about rewards. I log on to games like Valorant and Street Fighter just to have fun and try to get better at that game by measuring myself using an MMR system.

I think one of the main problems is that one of the most common results for healers in SS is 3-3 which in a competitive mode, doesn’t feel too good. Another is a lack of updates to PvP in general (Dueling area/leaderboard, BGBlitz being brought in with maps made specifically for it, arena maps, New BGs (Dragonriding?), a dated BG Reward track for casual pvp). The world quests/bloody token system this xpac was pretty good I thought though.

I find the gameplay to be mostly fun though! Maybe some instant cc could be toned back but that’s about it.

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If you went to a restaurant, the food and service was horrid, later that night you spent on and in the toilet. If weeks later you heard that the Health Department cleared them of all violations, and their food is good now, would you eat there?


Three seasons into this xpac and it should be clear by now that; Once is an accident, twice is coincidence and three times is ------- fact. PvP is a mini game only to be given minimum regard.


I think the youtube video HonestCon explains it all!!! Accurately!

Just getting back from a break since new years, commenting for post visibility


What if they cut down the number of matches by 1 so it’s impossible to go 3-3 anymore? Also less time in matches so more people would be in the queue?

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I am afraid its not gonna work, imagine you get the ‘bomber’ dps/healer that goes right now 0-6 for 3 rounds. you wont be able to even break even :slight_smile:

I agree nerf rogues.


I would rather have an inflated season where people are actually playing the game because they can get rewards compared to a dead season where nobody is playing.

No clue how that isn’t an easy choice for Blizzard.


Seems like an extremely obvious and easy fix


Fully agree, although there’s a bigger problem at hand. Blizzard does not take its PvP community nor this game mode seriously. It’s time for players to break the cycle of asking Blizzard to recognize the PvP community. Let’s stop pleading for them to take this game mode seriously. PvP is consistently treated as an afterthought, and it’s evident. I urge everyone to take a stand by unsubscribing if substantial changes aren’t implemented by the end of this month.


I am wondering the same :slight_smile:


L take, deflate the season more