Urgent- at least for the classic lovers *gross*

Check your drop down for the beta stress

Make sure they can handle a huge battle

Bunch lvl 5s v lvl 5s plan on being there tonight

That is all- incase didnt know

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As far as I’ve seen, 40v40 seems to be working really well without any server lag. I understand why the layering needs to take place for phase 1 (undisclosed how long that’ll last).

It’s not that bfa architecture for their servers is worse; it has something to do with spell complexity and the number of interactions taking place in retail at the same time and physical point that really creates all the lag.

I blame sharding crz and lfg. That is all. Only sharing the info up top to make sure all those people that whine about classic get to test it proper so they never come back

Already got the invite and downloaded it.

Let’s kill Thrall.

At least our train has stopped going downhill, and is staying where it is. Yours just keeps on going. :slight_smile:

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Fer now. lol (jk I might play it, not sure, probably on a normal pvp realm or pve realm. )

A lot of it is because classic is very slow paced and not everything has a shiny glow effect for every spell and mount. Retail is fast paced and literally every mount, spell and mog has some sort of particle glow to it. Then you throw in lfg and enhanced details to land scapes and what not and you got game where it’s hard to do 40v40. Where as classic is the complete opposite and it’s seems big groups are encouraged which helps me game feel immersive for me, I loved when we had to get 40 people to raid, sure it was hard but it actually felt like an assault on a raid boss back then

Plus class mechanics in classic required group play, because every class had at least one counter 1v1.

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Eyeroll- so are yall gonna get on or not. This isnt a thread to discuss classic.

counters your eye roll with a rasp

I got invited but I’m at work till past then so I won’t make it sadly :frowning:

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Nope, didn’t get an invite.

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I shall download and login in your name then, so you can stress test spiritually

Wasnt going to, my trp3 reset and need to update npcs for tonights guild rp. But still have yet to make it home

Probably end up just NPC speeching as we go as usual from my lack of time management skills

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I’m not really bothered, it’s only 3 months away. I’ve waited literal years. September is fine for me. In the meantime, posting in a Classic thread.