Upright Posture for Forsaken Models

With the Forsaken being celebrated with wonderful heritage set coming soon, I think this would be an excellent time to furthermore give Forsaken players more options.

Something to remember for nay-sayers: Even if this is not your jam, it will be someone else’s jam. Let those who want to play an upright Forsaken do so.

From the following forum post:

The customization allowing for orcs to be this way was a massive win, but let Forsaken get a turn here with options. It is already in-game.

I will conclude this post with what the Forsaken say:

  • “What would you ask of death?” (I would ask for upright posture!)
  • “I grow weary of this…” (Totally understood. Your thoughts should be heard.)
  • “Remember…patience, discipline.” (And so we will exercise this with a forum post.)

Thank you in advance. :pray: We are Forsaken.


While I understand undead were supposed to look scary and like they’re falling apart (mostly with old models and lack of “fresh” corpse idea) having this customization as an option would be really cool. A player can have a rotten, skeletal, barely-held-together and hunched over undead rogue, or a fresh, intact, no bones-in-site undead mage who doesn’t have “gamer posture” when fighting bosses (or other players).


I kinda wish that Forsaken could choose a flat out skeleton with zero flesh.

But now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve seen any Forsaken that way in game. Skeleton Undead sure, but not Forsaken. Unless I’m mistaken. And if I’m mistaken I’m sure somebody will correct me.


There are not any skeleton/fleshless (?) Forsaken. I looked it up and noticed others have asked for the same thing on other platforms. You are not alone!

The Forsaken could really use some TLC; the fanbase has requested features for a decade now, some that are already in the game.

I am hoping that in Dragonflight with its surprises in customization for the players, will give us the wonderful surprise of upright Forsaken in an upcoming patch. :pray:


Upright posture customization is long overdue. Forsaken don’t have to look awful. Is it fair to give it to orcs but not to Forsaken?


As the poster above me stated: Why do orcs get this option but not the Forsaken? The community has been asking for this for a decade now. This would be a wonderful gift to the Forsaken-loyal players.

With this latest announcement, it would be a wonderful time to roll out the feature. There are already upright Forsaken in the game, but not available to players. Let the players play the dream they have been waiting to come true for a decade+.

We are Forsaken.