Upright Forsaken?

Some of the undead npc’s in Zandalar (the guards) are standing upright like orcs now do, and it looks so cool. Is there a chance we will ever get an upright option too?


Disgusting. Upright forsaken? No you must stay hunchback. Our backs are not repairable for chiropractors, they’re too damaged.

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Speak for yourself. Sylvanas, Nathanos, and all the other undead elves stand straight and proud. Deathknights stand straight as well. Undead =/= must have exposed bones + hunchback.

The game needs more ways to customize your character, not less. A new standing animation for undead shouldn’t be out of the question since orcs got one. Bringing over that chinese forsaken model wouldn’t hurt either.


I agree with you on bringing the chinese models over. I mean, why does Nathanos have the special privilege of being a well-kept clean dead man?


Not to mention I don’t see it being overly difficult to add as options to the barber. Undead have the worst sleeves>gloves, and worst boot visuals of all the classes. And Blizzard still doesn’t care about fixing the positioning of shoulder pads.