Upright Forsaken

With the change to the bones I have to wonder if the Forsaken will get a new animation set for standing upright. We finally got one for orcs so I’m currently hopeful that Forsaken will be given the option to stand upright too.


The guards in Dazar already do. I don’t know why they wouldn’t. It would be a nice option.


Support as always.

I want this as well as upright Darkspear and Worgen men.

The female Forsaken hunches as well, but to a lesser extent compared to the men.


They probably wont since it might make them hard to differentiate from normal Humans…

I do support the idea, though.

How would it be hard to tell upright forsaken apart from humans?

A visual request. We should treat it respectfully. :wink:

Watch the anti-upright Forsaken crowd show up.

Similar size and silhouette, probably.

Are people that delusional and clueless that they cannot tell the difference between a zombie and a regular human?

Like… these people would have to be old school horror movies and video games levels of clueless.

I mean, no need to throw insults… but with all the crazy armor we wear, it may be hard to differentiate with a glance, especially with similar posture.

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It’s not directed at you, it’s a hypothetical anti posture person we are talking about.

But let me clarify that better on that post. Sorry in advance.

I disagree, they are incredibly lanky and the hands and head sizes give it away immediately.

I can understand darkspear not getting an upright option that will take away from the zandalar and worgen how could they do that? i 100% agree with straight back undead though

worgen and undead really need a posture option please!

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Not really, zandalari are more muscular and tall.

The skin colors are also quite different.

The women have normal posture, don’t see the issue.

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+1 for upright undead support

hopefully never. And it was dumb to make it for orcs. Turning every race in colored humans is such terrible idea.

In various forms of media, there are hunched orcs and upright orcs, hunched trolls and upright, same for undead and various other kinds of mythical creatures. Saying it’s a “dumb idea” because they’ll just be “colored humans” is a rather simple way of looking at things.

the blood elves/void elves and night elves/nightborne say hi

edit and pandaren

So are void elves fully covered up.

Omg yes please. And holy crap I never noticed the forsaken guards have this already WTF blizzard, hot fix for us noww!!

imgur. com/DUqzcmd

I support this.

The argument that they would look like humans and would be able to be confused became moot when they introduced Pandaren.

And really hit the ball out of the park with Nightborne and specially Velves.