Upright Forsaken

With further customisation option coming to 9.1.5, can we please finally have upright forsaken models?


Don’t you know that death causes scoliosis lol

But seriously the horde has the worst chiropractor services


Idk, they seem to of done wonders for the Mag’har Orcs who venture Org.

The Mag’har are from dreanor… they have the best chiropractors

Let undead choose any race. Why do they have to be humans?


I want to do the Jack-O challenge on my undead.

Because they are the undead from lorderon

Seems limited.

Their lore is from the first scorge invasion during the second war … after Arthas took control of the plaguelands and sacked Silvermoon

Arthas had control of them but Sylvanas helped free them from his control. Their lore is one of the most amazing this game has

I would imagine it would be quite the undertaking to create undead models for all the races along with options for customization. Then they would have to go through all the armor sets in the game to make them fit on the models. It’s scary to even think about the amount of work needed to make it happen. Also don’t forget animations.

I second this.

I want to be a full skeleton

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They should at least be able to choose an Elven model, as well as a regular human model with all the fresh Undead that would have been raised in this last war.

Feel free to bump this megathread for forsaken I started, has this suggestion among others


There are literally already “undead” versions of every race in the game (except pandas I think) in the Death Knight character creation screen.