Upgrading Your Version of Shadowlands


This this also apply to physical box CE edition ?


At this point I will trust a drug cartel lord before I trust blizzards word honestly…

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This is the kind of communication I appreciate from any vendor: clear, to the point, and before (hopefully) there’s a huge problem (i.e., preventative).

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I just fed this page into the wayback machine🤷🏻‍♀️ They can still do what they wants, per EULA fine print🤷🏻‍♀️ But we can give feedback via our wallets.


Is there supposed to be an option to just buy the collector’s edition, or is it meant to be an addition you can only purchase if you have already bought the game?


I do like the different upgrade options.
Saving $20 for those who just want the expansion without the boost is pretty cool. Very decent of blizzard to offer that.


To answer some questions in regards to the Collector’s Edition and its content:
In the coming months, we will announce our retail-only Collector’s Edition to commemorate the release of Shadowlands, featuring everything in the Epic Edition, and more!


I don’t want a blizzard balance, I want my money back in any upgrade situation.


Kind of why people are upset with not being refunded if they purchase the base edition then upgrade it to “heroic” or “epic”…you’re asking them to pay for the “extras” twice.

Everyone who pre-purchases a digital copy should be refunded the full amount of the original purchase plus any additional upgrades purchased prior to buying the Collector’s Edition.


Will this be a collector’s edition that sells out in 3 hours, or will you actually make enough of them for the people who want them? I’m particularly thinking of people who have to be at work, where we won’t be able to access a Blizzard web site when you announce the release in the middle of the day. Like you did with the 15th Anniversary edition.

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I doubt this feedback will matter much (as I am sadly assuming this is the new paradigm) Please include an artbook again in the Physical CE. That was sorely missing from the BfA CE.


Not really the BFA one sold so bad they even had it on sale by Black Friday, the days of having CE from wow sold out on the first day are long gone…

maybe if they put the damn art book again and a CD instead of giving you a piece of paper with the numbers of a digital download and a useless paperweight of a war faction that does not make a single spec a sense since the LK… maybe people will be interested again…

hell even the FF14 CE gives you an empty box so you can put your CD in there if you want…

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Will the Heroic or Epic Edition include any rewards for other Blizzard titles? Previously got pets, pennants, wings, skins, etc for OW, D3, HOTS, and SC2. Will there be any of those for Heroic or Epic? That’s what’s holding me back from pre-purchasing. Thanks

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Actually, the BfA CE sold out on Amazon when it first became available. Blizzard kept the factories running full tilt and eventually supply caught up to the demand.

Anyway, the certainty about the upgrade allows the hardcore fans to get the digital package asap and get credited (in Bnet bucks) when they get the SL CE.


I found the Medallion far better than the artbook. I usually buy artbooks separate, so doing something different and better will always get a plus in my book.


No items for other games are mentioned. But we do get 30 days game time included with the Epic one.


Did you like how they setup the transmog set with a grindy boring echo collection scheme? I felt the rng is ridiculous on them.

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I farm it 10 echo per day. Its not a huge deal.


If I buy the complete collection and already have the BFA expansion I still gain the two tokens? the 110 and 120?

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I would accept this but they didn’t put out a seperate "Art of " book for BfA at all.


Hello again Bornakk, could this be something that could be looked at as well? I talked with customer service and they don’t seem to know the answer. Said to ask a blue! :slight_smile: