Upgrade Your Account Security with the Battle.net Authenticator

I dont want stupid bags, give me a pet or a mount or no authenticator.

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It does nothing for me because I have no need for the Battle.net phone app. I have the mobile authenticator attached to an old iphone I have for that sole purpose. All I have to do is tap the app and enter the code. Now I have to fiddle around with this new app; am I going to be required to log in every time I need to use an authenticator now? How many extra steps is it going to be to get the authenticator code every time?

I really just don’t get the need to roll it all into one app. Oh well, I’ll just wait until I’m forced to do something for no reason.


I never did like the new one at all. With the old app, I always got in with minimal delay. Since I switched to the new app a couple years ago, there had been times when my smartphone doesn’t have any notification for hours at a time. If I manually started the app, I get “no request” message.

Roughly every other time I need to use the code to get in I get in right away, and other times I can’t get in for hours until somewhere the server decides to contact my phone’s app and yell “Wake up, you need to send code!”

Phone is only 2 years old. Maybe I should dig out my old fobs and re-attach them to my account and forget about using phones?

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My old I-Pad and my relatively newer Android (Motorola 5G Ace) from about 2 years ago sync the code the same across both. The I-pad on Wifi and phone on either LTE or Wifi.

But it doesn’t always need to send requests either once you establish a login pattern and if you chose in account management to enable the option under security.

I’m still using my old keyfob. :laughing: Though I imagine the battery on that is going to die at some point like my swtor keyfob did so I should probably migrate to my smart phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: After reading further, is this a hassle to use or is it an okay app? :frowning: Or should I just stay with keyfob until it dies? :thinking:

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What possible benefit is there for customers with this? I ONLY use the current app to login when needed. I have zero need or desire for the other functions in the new app, yet Blizzard are forcing me to… for no good reason.

The right thing to do would be to use standards based MFA so we can use whatever MFA app/token/key we wish. Rather than dictate what I have to install on my phone.

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they took your candle :frowning:

did you tell them “NO TAKE CANDLE”??

make them give it back!


you already get a pet with authenticator…

? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s part of the new bnet login where they get a chance to shove ads for games you never want to play, and notifications turned on is part of it?!

I use an iPhone so the app store will tell me what it requires to be turned on before I install it. I find it interesting they never could make the companion app work and yet there’s all this talk of devs wanting to make mobile games instead.

If they make this mandatory it will be a deal breaker for me. They already run spyware on your desktop via warden. No thanks. I’ll come back and tell you what apple says it turns on.

Edit: It would be easier to list what it doesn’t track. It basically tracks you, your contacts, your app usage, and even your ID number that’s usually only used by apple itself. Once again no thank you.

Most modern ios apps, except for those like banking, strictly limit the data they collect. Apple recently removed many apps that refused to list the info they collected and shared. This app has not been tested by apple itself and instead, apple says they are counting on blizz to adhere to apples app dev policies.

One last thing of note. It says it has 37k+ reviews yet most the comments are missing and the few that do show are over a year old and are 1-star reviews. How could this possibly have a 4.7 rating?

I’d like to see some recent reviews. There’s none shown for 2022 or 2023.


Well, this sucks for me. I don’t have my own phone and use a family member’s for my authenticator app.
So I guess I’m just gonna be SoL and have to remove the auth.

The only thing I use the battle.net app for is to log into WoW or WoW Classic. Period. I don’t browse through it to “See what’s new” or “Stay connected” on the desktop app. Why would I do so on the mobile app? The only thing I need the mobile app for is 2FA. And that’s something that can be achieved with a simple authenticator. I shouldn’t have to install bloatware on my phone to do that one simple function.

And I shouldn’t have to compromise my privacy either. I run GrapheneOS on my Pixel 6 Pro to retain a modicum of control over my privacy and device security. It doesn’t come with any Google apps or services bundled into the OS. So I don’t even have Google Play installed. If I won’t give Google Play permission to treat the private information I have on my phone like an all-you-can-eat buffet, why would I do so for the battle.net mobile app? No thanks. Hard pass.


I really don’t understand why though.

I don’t want to use the battle.net app. I don’t want to be bombarded with messages on my phone.

Which is what this will cause to happen. If someone messages me on battle.net, now those messages will be pushed through to my phone instead of being there for me when I log into my computer later. I don’t want that.

I liked the ability to keep my WoW life separate. You’re taking away that by forcing us to use the battle.net app as the authenticator.


Welcome to a game life style where Blizzard wants to try and force things down your throat for the share holders

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don’t have a mobile phone so I wish you would go back to keychain method as well.


It’s not like the Authenticator app itself is that good. I already stopped using it because every time I changed phones, I had to jump through hoops to set up the Authenticator on my new phone. So, why would I want to use an app that’s worse?

“The old auth app will be deprecated in time”

Does this include the standalone authentication device? Mine is still working after all these years, (pre 2012) and I’m loathe to add things-that-work to the growing pile of Electronic Waste.

The last time I tried to install and run it, the BattleNet app did not work on my old phone (about 6 years old), so, in effect I’ll have LESS security than now if this is the case.

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So far the only thing I lose by opening WoW.exe directly is I have to enter my password every time I log in. If that’s the trade-off, fair enough. This is going to end up much like the ‘real id’ fiasco though if they ‘force’ us to use it.

I’m not willing to trade my privacy more than I already do just to play a game. What they say and what they do are at times two very different things. It really does look like an improvement for those folks who like to keep track of their bnet friends.

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Just tried to sync the ‘new’ authenticator on my phone with the battle.net login on my PC and the codes are not the same, thus I cannot log into the game. I tried several times. I ended up removing the authentication from my PC. Is there a step-by-step way to use this process between mobile and PC? I’ve been using an authenticator for years and would like to use it if it worked for me.

I got an email about this “new” app, but when I try to get it going, it says it’s already downloaded/installed from the store, and the tells me to check for a code, but nowhere to look for it.

I still got the physical one when cata launched.