Updated Accessibility Options for Motion Sickness

Upping sharpness also brings edge highlights that cause the same effect as blur with my eye, to say nothing of the fact that it distorts the image (digital is digital and does not need sharpening). Also, I’m on the macOS side (on a hackintosh) in order to play with that game client as it has a feature I need for accessibility, and there is no Ansel for nVidia cards there. FWIW, I have Ansel disabled on the Windows side as it causes more problems than it fixes.

The problems here lie in overuse of bloom and certain effects in the game. Being able to control which ones are active makes the game more accessible to people with disabilities and/or visual issues. :slight_smile:

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Just FYI… there was a documentary about blue light… some professor debunked the whole blue light thing. The most blue light comes from the sun and there is zero proof that blue light actually harms your eyes. If it does, we can go outside during the day.

I rarely get motion sick in a game but when I do I’ve always been able to find a setting to turn off whatever effect(s) is causing it. I don’t know what has been done with the graphics in Shadowlands but its not being solved with camera, contracts/brightness or any other setting.
From the start I had to use a screen block for flightpaths and drop my contrast, brightness and colors way down for Ardenweld and Bastion.
Everything was manageable until I started spending a lot of time in the maw and I don’t mean the river in particular, the whole maw.
Constant headaches with motion sickness finally lead to a sudden and massive migraine which knocked me out for a week. It had severe vertigo episodes that included the uncontrolled eye movements. Now its subsided I’m left with strained eye muscles (focusing), headaches, and constant motion sickness. Even 5 minutes in shadowlands leaves me very sick.
I now get to spend the next 1-2 weeks doing very little to strain my eyes while they recover. At this rate I’m not sure I want to try wow again after recovering until things are better looked at.

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I also would like to see Ardenwield, and Bastion tonned down, it really bothers my old eyes.


I don’t usually quote you guys, but since this topic is about accessibility…

Is there any way the team could look into altering the Flare animation for Hunters?

Ever since the Legendary power was introduced, I’ve had to deal with headaches and general unwellness from people spamming the Flare spell into their Tar Traps. In short, the animation for Flare is seizure-inducing, flashes too much. I literally have to look at my keyboard in raids and that’s really not good for gameplay.

Thank you for your time and I hope your day is good.


Thanks for this - the motion sickness can be really bad for me - especially in those old world “drunk” quests.

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Not cool bro. We all have that problem, but it’s not an actual PHYSICAL condition. This thread is about physical accessibility with the game for people who have motion sickness. Not about moaning about not getting loot and claiming you get a migraine from that.


Agreed. How incredibly poor taste of them.

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Make the Lord/Lady of War title account wide. Please and thank you.

OMG thank you!

What’s the name of the addon please and thank you?! Mostly thank you.

Yeah I mean, even if it didn’t turn my stomach, I can’t even see where I’m going when I’m a ghost in SL. I’ve never had to use “return to graveyard” before until I played this xpac.


Please do something about the river of souls in the maw I get nauseous everytime I see it.


The Maw was made to punish players. :rofl:

Also, It drops FPS like crazy if you don’t have good graphics.

No it messes with my balance, visual issues it makes me nauseous
It has nothing to do with the quality of my video card


Good for your guild

I’m sorry. I did not mean to make fun of that. Just making fun of the Maw punishing players.

It’s fine, I have a vestibular/balance issue and that river of souls does wonky things to me.

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This has broken as of 9.0.5, I can’t go into the refuge without getting a migraine, please fix ASAP.

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Hey, I really appreciate this. I got a bout of sim-sickness once because of a loose VR wire, but now I have issues when in games where there are lots of flapping mounts or some shaking screen FX.

Flapping mounts make me nauseous. Hurts me eyes. I try to zoom in to not see it, or move my character.

I appreciate the work on motion sickness stuff, here. Thank you very much.