Updated Accessibility Options for Motion Sickness

You can also download time-based screen
dimmers that make your screen darker and more orange as the sun sets. You can enable/ disable them over games, so that can help with the extreme blue.


ever going to get a fix for shadow priests purple glowing smoke effect to go away? Even with the glyph that lessens it I still get motion sickness when ever I am in third person. Mounted is worse ,flying mounts I cannot even do.

Is there a way to remove your target’s circle when you’re focusing them? In H Sire Denathrius it’s almost impossible to see the red swirls on the ground in phase 2 when the adds die. Otherwise is there a way that the red swirls could be made a different color like done for Stonefist? it’s just not visible, too much red!!!

Is there any way this can at some point be its own setting? I don’t need the camera motion option but these effects and the huge showy swirly animations for flight points etc really bother me (even with the alternate effects option enabled.) I have to shut my eyes or tab out.

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Yes, talking about accessibility, the blur that FFXGlow introduces makes me sick and I am tired of having to use a macro on every single reload.
And I am not talking about what happens when your char drinks in game, everything is fuzzy all the time unless you set FFXGlow to 0.

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Inky Black Potion? It is a bit extreme though.

You work for blizzard. So yeah this game is dog crap

Mirasol is not employed by Blizzard. None of the MVPs are. They literally just get green text and some extra communications lines. That’s it. They don’t have moderator powers, they can’t do anything to other players, and they have no extra in-game goodies compared to anyone else. They have to pay for them (MTX) or earn them in-game to get them just like you do.

Mirasol is actually one of the most neutral MVPs on top of that. She isn’t going to rip you like some twelve year old throwing a tantrum. She gives advice as best she can without being patronizing, but will tear you a new hole if you actually screwed up (that requires a massive screwup though - she doesn’t like to be mean to others as it isn’t productive 99.99999999999% of the time).


Ok I am sorry.


Nice that you added more options but now you completely broken the setting for Dynamic Pitch from the action camera cvar values. Everytime on log out the game changes values to default and turns dynamic pitch off and the settings have to be reverted. hard coding them in the config files does not work either nor does an addon to set them. it has to be reset each time due to these new Camera Motion additions added.

I can’t take that river of souls in the maw. That trough in the center makes me wanna puke.


Is there any chance this could be separated from the motion sickness? I have vision issues where the anima strands and Cloak of Venari make it hard to see so I’d really like to turn them off, but I don’t want to mess with my camera.



I’m going to have to agree with this. Camera controls need to remain separate, if for no other reason than to give the most fine tuning options with regard to visual accessibility.


pretty sure there is a check mark for the full screen effects option if thats all you want and dont want to mess with the camera

There is nothing that gets rid of the effects I mentioned in my post. ffxGlow used to get rid of the blurring, and ffxSpecial, which has been removed from the game, used to disable the screen edge/mist effects. Please note the part in bold, as it’s a bit difficult to do what you say when the means to do so is no longer there.

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you saying the flight path where the white swirly particle effect between oribos and some other place bothers you?

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Would it be possible for you all to do some more high contrast things too?

-a high contrast black mode for the user interfaces
-maybe a 3-color higher contrast minimap for ‘road’, ‘walkable’ and ‘not waklable’ surface colors?

I can actually do alot with the main game screen by flipping brightness and gamma this way and that depending on situations (cave, sunny desert, misty swamp, snowy woods). And the big M map looks great with 0 gamme 100 brightness. Just the minimap and UIs are a struggle some days. (I use immersion addon for quest text, and npc chats, so I’m perfect there.)

I have RP and will likely be totally blind in another ten years, but worth squeezing some gaming out in the meantime.

Protip, BM hunter can command pet to attack that rare in the cave whose entrance you can’t see, then follow the pet dot on your minimap! And demon hunter triple jump glide makes the world flat!!!

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you can get an addon for that i bet. also for a full game experience change Ansel on nvidia cards can accomplish that for you

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Anything that has blur and/or overbearing bloom, yes. Those things do cause issues with my eye. Others have noted similar issues as well. Even PoE’s devs finally realized that visual accessibility was becoming a problem and had to scale back their use of such effects (or at least allow the player to do so via UI controls).

The nifty thing about WoW is that its CVAR system allows for specific effects to be classified in a particular category and set with a specific CVAR so the experience can be customized both for performance and/or accessibility reasons. Artistic intent should never take precedent over accessibility, especially in this game where they can coexist quite nicely allowing players that can handle everything to have everything and those that can’t the ability to disable the effects causing issues for them.

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you should try playing with Ansel if you have an nvidia card. up the sharpness and contrast to cancel the blur. tone down the highlights for the bloom. would definitely help you out. just think of it like editing a picture and it has the benefit of working for everything you do.