Updated Accessibility Options for Motion Sickness

With two hotfixes we recently made to the game, the Reduce Camera Motion option now includes the following:

  • When you’re dead and a ghost in the Shadowlands, the anima strands screen visual effect will be hidden.
  • In the Maw, when you’re under the effect of the Cloak of Ve’nari or Lingering Cloak of Ve’nari, visuals on the screen edge will be hidden.

To experience the above, go to the Motion Sickness dropdown in Accessibility settings and select either Reduce Camera Motion or Keep Character Centered and Reduce Camera Motion.



Thank you for the update Kaivax!





Still waiting on you guys to fix the FFXGlow setting: FFXGlow command doesnt stay set


Oh thank you! Could you please ask them to look into reducing the amount of bright blue in Ardenweald? That much blue light is not good for us old folks - even with my blue blocking glasses.



My guild currently raids with a member who is red-green colorblind. He says the current colorblindness settings don’t do anything to help him. Will there be any future updates to the colorblindness accessibility settings?


Could you make it so I dont have to turn my screen literally black without having my eyes feel like someone poured acid in them when i am in bastion? I cant do Spires of ascension because it is like getting a flashbang whenever I get there I have to reduce the gamma/whatever to like 10 or so instead of 50.

the side effect of doing this is that when i am in other zones, its too dark.


Any update on something to help with the motion sickness caused by the shadowlands zone transitions? This is the worst offender that I have seen in shadowlands and the “alternate full screen effects” does not help. This was brought up in beta a lot and there wasn’t really anything done about it. At this point I am using an add-on that just blocks out my whole screen when on a flight path in shadowlands which isn’t ideal. It would be nicer if you guys could just disable the anima graphic.


nicer for who? or did you mean give you an option to disable the anima graphic.

I alt tab on EVERY flight.

Thank you and the Devs for the attention to Motion Sickness issues. I can’t even play many games because of them.

Blizzard does have an official feedback channel for Accessability concerns now. They collect and analyze feedback for the Devs to help improve Blizzard games. I know our CMs do too, but it might be worth putting an email together for the Accessability team if you want to. They likely won’t engage in a back and forth, but at least it gets the info out there.

Yes Please. I need to be able to turn that off. I can’t handle death glow or drunk effect.


Give an option of course. I am sure the visual looks nice to people. For those those that suffer from motion sickness, it makes us physically ill to watch it.


Agreed. I’d LOVE to be able to turn off the terrible, terrible SL ghost effects without also having to also use the camera motion settings.


Kaivax, any chance of sending up some feedback that the mist and blur effects (e.g. Kvaldir Legion world quest areas and underwater respectively) need to have their CVAR toggles reinstated? While I know the artistic intent behind the effects, it has real impact on many players’ eyes.

For me, the screen edge mist effect causes my eye to have periphery vision issues due to the nystagmus I have, while the blur (any blur) effect causes my eye to lose focus. I say eye because I’m blind in my right eye (no lens) and nearsighted in my left eye.

Both of these effects used to be disabled when you used the ffxSpecial and ffxGlow CVARs, but those no longer work as the former was removed as a CVAR and the latter stopped disabling anything other than bloom and the drunk effect (it used to work on the underwater blurring as well).

Effects like this cause visual and/or visibility issues with a fair number of players that have medical conditions with their eyes, like I do (see above in this post for examples).


You need to make this a separate option with an appropriate name. It’s fine now because people will see this blog post and disable it. But what about next year?

What part of “Reduce Camera Motion” indicates that it disables “Obnoxious Visual Clutter”?

This change only exists because people will bad mouth your game for not removing sickness inducing visuals.

Low effort. 3/10.

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Personally, I have bigger problems in Bastion than in Ardenweald.

I can’t see anything in Bastion or in Spires of Ascension. Not reliably.

  1. both issues make the game completely unplayable for different reasons. It’s not fair to people with stuff they were born with to not be able to play at all

  2. The people who work on class balance numbers and the people who adjust screen visuals are two totally different teams. This is likely handled by the art and graphics department. Like, what you want them to work on, better animations for mistweaver?

  3. Buff mistweaver, it sucks.


Create a macro that you stick onto an unused action bar button containing the following line:

/console ffxGlow 0

You will need to click the action bar icon for the macro or press its keybind if you have it bound to one on every login. The game client is broken just like it was seven years ago and is not honoring the SET ffxGlow "0" line if you have it in your config.wtf file.

The reason I mention this is because that command controls the bloom, which in Bastion is insanely overdone. It’s so bad that it causes blurred vision for me if I don’t disable it ASAP. You only have to use the macro once per character login, but it does need to be done on every character login even if you log out and back into the same character. It gets reset on every single logout and/or disconnect/exit.


The blue keeps triggering migraines! I thought it was just me.


It’s not just you - I have special glasses that block a lot of it but that zone still has too much.