[Updated 11/4] November’s Trading Post is Out of this World

Man you guys sure do you like to complain about free stuff.

A couple things have cycled back through. The blue bow from the first month came back a couple months ago. I can prob dig around for a few others I just remember the bow because i bought it the first month. We just dont know the time frame that things will cycle back

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Nice! I have the spectral mounts from long ago so I’m going for the Zhevra, toy and pet for sure. I like the warlock weapons and the stave, may have to freeze one for later.

I focused on getting these every month so far. Theres been a lot of creative tmogs I’ve seen people do with the capes/hoods


ugh i hate it. but thank you

Spent my tenders this month on the Zhevra mount and mummy pet. I have really wanted the Zhevra mount for years and I really liked the mummy pet.

Thank you for putting the Zhevra mount on the Trading Post. It is very much appreciated! :zebra:

—2 days until Blizzcon starts (Nov. 3rd)!—

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All I am buying is the cute little mummy pet and foam sword rack…already have all the mounts from years ago…nothing in mog area I like…

When I first started WoW back in 2009, the Zhevra was the RAF mount back then. Unfortunately for myself and the person I was going to RAF with, I ended up starting the game and creating an account without linking the proper info. This gave me a chance to right that old wrong. After buying that and the Spectral Wind Rider though, which I missed out on just because it didn’t really apply to me, I officially have no tenders, but that’s okay. Worth it.


The only thing that makes me think Old Gods there are the eyeballs on the staff. The rest just looks like Bastion gear with some azerite gems added.

The monk set goes real nice with the Grandmaster set from the Monk order hall.

hard disagree, but we’re able to do that.

Ok it takes me a bit longer to complete this monthly than a player who has DF. So I didn’t hate the idea of them implementing a weapon for a change for the monthybut can we try and reward something a tad more epic looking for weapons… ? If they do weapon rewards again. I mean it usually takes me several days to complete the monthly… I am not really digging the incentive to complete the monthly for weapons that look like they are acquired from leveling up… that would be appreciated.

“This is the second time the Swift Zhevra has appeared on the Trader’s Post.”

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Hard disagree. The mog sets and weapons have been a nice change to the mounts. Keep it mixed.

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I already completed the Traveler’s Log and collected the original weapons on November 1, and these weapons are not available to me, not in the chest or on the vendor, nor are they in my collections . How do I get them?


Those 2 new swords look like something that should be the end of the month reward, unlike the others.

The 2 new ones look great!!!

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So how do you get the swords if you completed the travelers log before they were added? They’re not in my wardrobe or in the mail.

its a known bug they are working on it

It’s a known issue that is being looked in to. Hopefully early next week it will get sorted.


Thanks so much Nethaera! Hope you’re having a great weekend!