Update to List of Illegal Items

((Hi everyone!

Many years ago now the Stormwind Union created a list of items that we would consider to be illegal within the kingdom, after discussing the matter with the community at large. I’ll include the current list in a subsequent post.

I was thinking now that there are probably a lot of things in the Shadowlands that could be misused if they were brought back to the kingdom, so I wanted to see if there were any items that we can agree could be added to the illegal item list. I was thinking of things like sinstones or anything containing souls, for starters.

I want to be clear that the purpose isn’t to limit RP, but to provide a hook for criminal activity, which we sadly don’t have enough of these days. We’re not going to add anything to the list for which there’s no community consensus. Also, no one has to go along with this if they don’t want to, obviously. :slight_smile:

I look forward to everyone’s comments!

  • Orwyn))

Illegal Items

Grade A

Artifacts causing death

Deadly Poison (1)

Death Weed

Demonic Paraphernalia (1)

Drugs - deadly

Explosives - deadly

Faceless Blood

Liquid Saronite

Plague and Blight items

Twilight Cult Paraphernalia (1)

Organs (2)

State/Realm Information (2)

Grade B

Artifacts resulting in injury (Perm/Long-term)

Crippling Poison (1)

Drugs-Debilitating (Perm/Long-term)

Explosives-Non-Lethal (1)

Items of Mind Control

Items of Torture

Live Animals-Endangered (1)

Live Animals-National (1)

Mind-numbing Poison (1)

Soul shards (1)

Wound Poison (1)

Organs (2)

State/Realm Information (2)

Grade Co

Animal Parts-Endangered (1)

Animal Parts-National (1)

Artifacts resulting in injury (Short-term)

Blood Thistle

Drugs-Debilitating (Short-term)

Instant Poison (1)

Lethargy Root


Unrefined Saronite (1)

State/Realm Information

(1) This item is allowed with the proper permits
(2) The grade of this item is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Just read this. So, you’re still opposed to fishing with explosives.

How else is a civilised person expected to fish?!

Exactly! I don’t understand this rule at all. How have you been? You are missed in the realms.

With your hands, or mouth if you’re a druid, worgen, or odd.

Obviously, we need to discuss archaic fishing rules regarding explosives.

narrows eyes at Orwyn I am not fishing with my mouth or hands. I’m delicate.

Beyond that, I was thinking about sinstones and the like the other day. There’s a lot of opportunities for roleplay to be had.

Half the things I own are “artifacts resulting in injury!”