Update the mobile app?

I have the same issue on my Android as well. The app does not show up as available in the Google Play store.

I still get the same “Please check for a newer version of the app” message that I have gotten since Tuesday.

I guess for now I’ll make sure I log off all my characters on the boat so I can login every few hours and assign new missions and such.


The mobile app is working now on iOS.

The mobile app is working as of today. I was able to download the update from Google Play on my Galaxy S10e.

However when I tried to do the same on my Android tablet it was unavailable. When I did manage to find it Google Play said the app was incompatible with my tablet.

The companion app was working fine with both my Android devices (phone & tablet) before the pre patch. Was this intentional or is it a bug that hasn’t been addressed yet?!

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Which version of Android is your tablet running?

Is it possible that the tablet version is separate from the phone version and only the phone version has been updated?

If you have an older tablet (over 2 years from the date it was first manufactured) then it’s possible that the requirements might’ve been changed to require a newer version of Android than what’s available for that particular tablet.

That could be the problem: the tablet version & phone versions are separate & only the phone version was updated.

The tablet currently has Android 10. So it’s looking like I might have to wait till there’s an update before the app will work on the tablet.


FWIW my phone is a low-end LG Arena 2 running:

Android 10
Kernel version 4.9.206
Build number QKQ1.200308.002
Software version X320APM20g

I seriously hope you did not release a version of the companion app that is only compatible with the latest Android OS (11) that literally released last month. AFAIK it is up to cell providers to actually release the update to us; I cannot just go out and get it.

It is not in the Google Play store for me. If I pull up a web browser and search for it I can find the companion app, but when I try to install it tells me that it is not compatible with my device.

Please advise. Thanks.


The app is also telling me on my Android that a newer version is available but is entirely unavailable on the Google Play Store. If Blizzard is upping the phone requirements, they could at least have the courtesy and transparency to tell us so.


I went to update the app tonight but now I’m seeing that the app is no longer compatible with my phone? Is this correct or is there perhaps a way around it? I just upgraded my PC for Shadowlands and don’t have the money to upgrade my phone just for 1 app.


Same here. Worked fine on the chromebook and the phone. Now it’s not compatible with either.

Just did the 11 update. Literally less than an hour ago and it bricked my phone, so be careful if your provider does push it.

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Looked app up manually and Google Play now says app is no longer compatible with my phone. Thanks a lot Blizzard. Uninstalling now since I can’t update it and I’m very disappointed to see another app I like become useless.

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Most importantly will it take a year or two into this expansion to actually have all the features on the mobile app in place?

I just checked the Google Play store again…the companion app was there for my Android 10 device! I have successfully installed it and logged into it and it is working!

So whatever the issue was appears to have been fixed.

Of course now as I type this the app locked up on me after the screen auto faded, but w/e.

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Yes, it does appear that the missing 32-bit Android version of the app is now in place and available for use.

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I got the app update for my Android 7.0!! Thank you Blizz!

Still not updated on Google app store. It shows me the latest update was October 1st. Can you guys get this patch out into the store already?

Crashes on start up on iOS12 iphone 6plus ever since the update, restarted phone, uninstalled reinstalled, tried cell data only, nada

Crashes here too. I installed, uninstalled, restarted the iPhone and the bugs persist. Why release a beta app and force users to update if it doesn’t work properly?

Nevermind…old thread. WoW companion app is not working as expected Nov 18th.

I am downloading it now as we speak.