Update Arcane's Animations for Dragonflight

Hey all!

This is just a simple request for Arcane: I was wondering if Blizzard could update some of the animations for Arcane’s spells.

Arcane Power, for example, has very minimal animations. I see the little purple things on my character, but its honestly so indistinguishable that I didn’t see it until I hard focused on it.

Would it be possible to take something like Combustion, turn it purple or something and add some purple crackles / sparks to make it look cooler? I would greatly appreciate it.

I would also like an update to Arcane Blast, but if I had to pick I would choose Arcane Power


We can all agree with this. It kind of feels like the laser chickens have a lot of what arcane should have concerning visuals :pensive:


Agreed, I feel like Arcane is one of the most underwhelming specs in the game, especially visual fxs-wise, mages in games tend to be the flashiest class to play, but WoW somehow made them super shy.

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You want updated Arcane Mage visuals???

You may have to wait a bit. Blizzard finally updated Arcane Missiles (1st update since introduced in Vanilla), and Arcane Blast (1st update since introduced in BC) in the Shadowlands pre-patch.

Just about every other spell in the game had already received multiple visual updates over the years.

Based on the interval of when Blizzard feels arcane visual updates are due, you may have to wait another 15 or 16 years. Ask Blizzard again if we get to the year 2040 and there’s still no update.


lmao true tho

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No, this was all updated at the end of Legion, nearly five years ago now (Aug 2017).

My how time flies.

So I was off in my recollection. I guess it’s because SL is so bad it almost feels like not an expansion.

No need to wait till 2040 to ask the Blizz devs for a graphics update. Instead you should ask in the year 2030!

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