Upcoming Stress Test - Level 20 (Request)

In the event a Blizzard representative reads this post; I would like to request that in the Upcoming Stress Test; it be possible to set the maximum level cap for the player-base at level 20.

Given the trend in level increases in brackets of 5, this may already be planned for the test. However in the event that this is not currently the case; please consider that this would allow players to test out the level 20 talents and spells for their given class. These talents and spells in many cases are defining for their entire classes at level 60; and in doing this would provide invaluable testing and feedback on the systems on a wide-scale in one final sweep prior to launch.

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P.S This is effectively a repost of my recent Beta Forums post, however I feel given the close proximity of the next stress test, and the importance of this issue; it was important that this be posted in the wider community forum as well.

That’s what the beta was for. The stress test is literally nothing more than to, well, test the level of stress a server can take.


Please read posts more carefully before writing

The intent of this request, is to perform a wider scale test on the relevant systems, as I among others in the community are still aware of issues which have not been tested yet to our knowledge; further testing can only prove beneficial to the process of creating an accurate game… I dont understand anyone who would seriously be an advocate for less testing of any product in any situation.

They rather keep the levels low, that way, the population is spread out less, giving them more feedback in how many people can be in one area before lag starts to happen. With a higher level cap, the more spread out people will be, thus, less stress testing.

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Honestly, should be capped at level 1, with GMs porting the two factions to each other ever so often for a 5 fps pvp battle. One last, juicy, disconnect filled stress test before launch.

if you have played the stress tests, you would be aware they have incrementally increased the level caps every single test, and this has been more then likely in order to perform wider tests on both the systems and zones under the effects of a stress test… a level 20 cap would only benefit this processfurther.
As well as the fact that they released content such as dungeons; and battlegrounds which in their nature are instanced and completely contradict what you are saying.

The reality is the majority of stress testing is done upon the launch of said stress tests; as can be seen through the constant announcements which happen in game on the first day and every single stress test has seen a natural diffusion of players out into the world after server launch.

I think this is a matter of you taking all of this stress test, beta nonsense too seriously at this point.

Have whatever you want for all I care, man. I hope your wish is fulfilled.

when is the next stress test?

From memory its date was moved; the website says Stress Test 3: Thurs Jul 25– Fri July 26; which i think is the new date.

ahh tyvm :smiley:.

The next stress test will start from 1 again. However, it’s on a Thursday to Friday instead of Wednesday this time, so maybe they’ll allow us to play through to Sunday. If they don’t, though, I wouldn’t expect a greater level raise for one day.

Many of us hit 15 on the first day, and the second day were just testing stuff and running around. I dont see why they wouldnt raise the level cap :man_shrugging:.

Time constraints dont really seem an issue to me in all honesty.

That was my point. Last time you had a 2 day window to play. This one is currently slated for one.

ahhh what? its the 25th and 26th inclusive, in the same way the last one was the 19th-20th inclusive… thats 2 days and the exact same time period unless my math is failing me again :sweat_smile: haha, or you heard something im not aware of.

  • Stress Test 2: Wed Jun 19– Thurs Jun 20
  • Stress Test 3: Thurs Jul 25– Fri July 26

This was announced to be Wed June 19 to Friday June 21.

It’s yet to be seen how this next one gets announced.

ah true true, seems you are right; i dont think i logged on till the next day for that one :man_shrugging: good catch. However, I still dont think that the time frame will cause any issues, its extremely achievable to hit 20 in 2 days.

Like I said, that’s assuming you have 2 days. I’m actually hoping they’ll keep it open until Sunday evening or Monday morning PST.

mmmm agreed, that would be great.

Hopefully we hear some more news in the coming days which offered this in the coming test.