Upcoming server connections

so with server connections ongoing right now (and i welcome new connections since we need it BAD).

since for whatever reason they are just joining anyone together instead of keep the server data centers the same from what i understand.

Who do you guys think we are going to have connected to our group?


i predicted

Ravencrest and Uldaman as well

BUT since garona got joined with another server that is all out the window, so i have no clue who is going to be with us… Since Tort is all but pretty much completely toast at this point (as there are no active guilds listed from it from raider IO or wowrealm population)

its pretty much Frostmane and Ner’zhul keep the server group alive at this point.

i am still going with Ravencest and Uldaman and maybe another group of 2 or 3 we’ll see though

what do you guys think?

(also my info probably the most accurate and up to day we have) even though i calves out from time to time

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