Upcoming Protection Warrior Tuning – March 29

We’ll be making the following changes to increase the performance of Protection Warriors in next week’s realm maintenance.



  • Ignore Pain now ignores 55% of the damage (was 50%).
  • Protection
    • Demoralizing Shout now reduces the damage enemies deal to you by 25% (was 20%).
    • Ignore Pain now reduces the cost of Ignore Pain to 35 Rage (was 40 Rage).
    • Spell Reflection cooldown reduced to 20 seconds (was 25 seconds).
    • Vanguard reduces all damage taken by 15% (was 10%).

See the full list of the upcoming class tuning changes here.


Wow this is amazing!! Is this on top of that damage buff I saw on wowhead ptr notes?? Maybe one more buff…give us a PvP talent to run flags so it’s not only Druids ??

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link to dmg buff>?

That was a tooltip change on the ptr to reflect the 6% damage buff that went live weeks ago.

We have the best legendary in the game for flag running :slight_smile:

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Why are you always so out of touch? Protection warrior is not under represented because they lack survivability. I would argue that prot can be one of the tankiest specs in the game. People don’t play it because they lack damage compared to every single other tank. And on top of that the other tank specs have insanely busted tier sets while the protection warrior one is just boring and completely lackluster.


sleeper is miles ahead of leaper.


Umm not it was due to survival. Look at BDK, they do less dmg than we do in ST and AOE but are a top-spec. This cosmic damage is destroying us, outside of spell reflect and demo shout all we have is IP. Pallies/DK’s can heal, both have 1 min strong CD’s, Monks can shield it and stagger it. Literally, warriors are getting chunked HARD in SFO, so much so, I was top 300 last tier and I shelved my Warrior.


I played warrior tank since 2008. And since 2020 we gonna be buffed, instead of nerfed. The best tank un wow, now be even better! Blizz at last give us something, instead of taking it away

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And btw. This is my main pj :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Prot War is the lowest mitigating tank, they are barely a tank compared to things like BDK’s healing output or paladin’s immunities. Prot war is like a DPS with higher aggro generation. When I play prot I’m usually like second DPS but also the healer is always begging for mana, even when hyper focusing all rage into block and ip.

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Prot Warrior so dead that a huge buff is announced and only 11 comments on here. Ouch

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These gonna be for PvP too or just PvE

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It’s the highest Physical damage mitigating tank (which is like 80% of all damage)

If you misinterpret how that applies to what happens in the game. If you look at how the damage applies in the end result of any combat action, prot war constantly takes damage and constantly needs heals, whereas most other tanks do not. BDK may have less physical mitigation as it reads in the tooltip, but if you look at logged damage taken, it is radically lower on BDK vs Prot war. If something deals 100k raw damage to a BDK and 100k raw damage to a prot war, the prot war will have in the end taken like 40k damage and the BDK will have not only not taken any damage, but overhealed twice that amount.



BDK will have taken MORE logged physical damage than a Prot Warrior (you do understand how block works and what Shield Block does right?).

BDK will have taken reduced damage from armor rating. But so will the Prot Warrior at the exact same rate (assuming equal armor rating value).

That’s BDKs only damage reduction (assuming physical damage). Their mitigation comes in the form of self healing.

Warrior still has block value (yay shields!) that reduces damage even more (passively on successful blocks). And then Shield Block applies block at a 100% rate for its duration. Drastically reduces the incoming damage which is reflected in the logged damage.

The largest and most stark difference between other tanks is that Warriors do not have a way to self heal in any form (victory rush isn’t reliable enough, and indomitable is too small of amounts at a time to make a difference).

Talking physical damage, you’re right, that Warrior will have only taken 40k damage, and it is impossible for a BDK to heal for more than the damage they took (in this scenario. only way it works is if damage taken is less than DS minimum healing, but in the event of 100k, not the case).

You’re misinterpreting mitigation between tanks. They are not the same. Mitigation is not simply reducing damage. Nor is it simply healing through it.

Just look at participation and completion.

It’s more work to bring a Prot Warrior to tank a mythic. Still capable, but more stress on the group. There needs to be some more parity among tanks. Prot participation just drops off the cliff the higher the mythic keys get.

did you miss the whole talent tree “re-work” where they put all the synergizing talents together on the same rows which resulted in up picking literally none of them now because they lost the synergy? #1 reason why prot is doing so poorly

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#1 shield block has diminishing returns.
#2 prot paladins are the best at physical mitigation
#3 prot paladins are better at magic mitigation than prot war
#4 prot paladins have multiple kicks
#5 prot paladins can heal themselves and their party
#6 prot paladins have better defensives
#7 prot paladins can increase block chance AND armor value
prot warrior is by far the worse tank requiring the most HPS. they also have to talent into being able to keep agro. they lost all of their DPS + Survivability talents because of the loss of them synergizing making them useless. they have to spend rage on a ability thats supposed to be used to keep DoTs up to do DMG via the upfront dmg it does, reducing survivability tough luck choosing between agro and living. i cant put into words how scuffed it feels playing prot warrior now. and every prot warrior ive ever seen even if they have high IO high ILVL it doesn’t matter ive seen a prot warrior struggle on tanking 3 mobs. yes, shield block is OP but without shield block you might as well kiss your (blizzard no no word) goodbye unless you have a defensive cooldown. mind you prot paladin has more and can CDR it with talents.

magic dmg = deleted


Anyone see thunderlord getting some play now that you can have 25% DR up most of the time with the buff to demo shout? Or will the rage and shield block from reprisal just always be better?