Upcoming Outlaw Rogue Tuning – March 29

One odd thing I noticed, but haven’t seen much recent discussion on specifically within this subforum (for what that’s worth, still have no clue if they’ve abandoned giving any attention to these. Blue post of tuning changes in a class subforum alone is very out of place and unusual compared to the past).

Edge of Night is giving a shocking amount of gain in off-hand, specifically in single-target situations. Recently gearing up a fresh 60 Outlaw rogue and having a blast specifically just playing it, around the 255 level spamming keys but noticed my single-target could jump a whopping ~5% from a heroic Edge of Night offhand simmed. Haven’t delved into its mechanics at all, so I don’t know why or how its proc functions or what its usability is like, just found it unusual for what has historically been done in these circumstances.

Normally, development straight abandons all RPG-oriented situations in favor of accessibility when it comes to things like endgame gearing now (for instance, the same boss dropped a “Legendary” bow which is seemingly much more quickly discarded than this off-hand dagger). Which leads me to believe its power might be… an accident?

If this is the case, it pretty much sounds like it’d be a nice change to Outlaw if this dagger was simply nuked into oblivion by a nerf and then, whatever resulting loss that comes gets completely made up for via tuned and buffed up actual class abilities that scale with Blade Flurry (same with other rogue specs if necessary, looks like Sub is using it a lot?)

It’s so hard to tell anymore, but… if by any miracle development is actually reading within these balancing update threads, if this blue post at all indicates that… please dear God just go wild with tuning, quit holding back so much. Even the small, tiny fraction of the playerbase withholding tuning attempts to appease and prevent upsetting, even those players are getting irritated and upset these days. Have fun with it, make some mistakes, piss some players off. Especially those players. You don’t exactly have anyone’s favor with the current approach, maybe try seeing if the different approach works.

The bugs listed are also worrisome, especially because they remind me of the similar lists you’ll get with specs like Enhancement and Demo, but… those two specs, on the other hand, are grossly overtuned typically in specific ways (haste scaling with Tyrant, excessive Tyrant emphasis in general getting even worse now with yet more haste injections like IP+Satchel buffing an opener on a m+ boss. For enhancement, grossly large likely unintended benefits from WFT). I guess Enh and Demo won the very random dartboard balancing game.

When it’s affecting a spec like Outlaw in its current situation, suddenly it isn’t just a trend plaguing outliers allowed to fester and rot bursting at the seams with gross mechanics simply to cater to parasitic players who don’t want what they “geared up” to be properly fixed. I guess it’s just a trend for the game as a whole, to let unintended+bad game mechanics remain, since it’s also hitting the underperformers too. Even the fun ones. Like Outlaw.

If for some ridiculous reason you don’t want to make players worried about “rerolling”, then stop worrying about it. Please aggressively tune and fix specs like Outlaw better, and the rest. Posting in a class subforum at all feels like pointlessly shouting into the void due to its history, but if these random blue balancing posts by any miracle mean something different… please.

Even if they nerfed the dagger you’re still going to be forced to farm it in Season 4 when they bring back Sanctum. Also the reason it’s as good as it is because for both Outlaw and Sub your offhand weapon is a statstick and none of your abilities hit with it. If Outlaw actually had abilities that hit with your OH then you probably would have replaced it fairly quickly like Sin did.

I noticed that was odd, even main gauche specified as an off-hand attack in its passive tooltip was still scaling off MH DPS at least from quick tests swapping a bunch of varying weapons around.

Wondering maybe their return of prior SL raids at half patch is all it’ll take for them to deem Edge of Night “current”, letting it be rather than the route of doing something like gutting a major portion of it and aura buffing outlaw+sub completely counteracted to maintain similar performance independent of the item’s nerf.

Guess it’ll be a big contributor to Outlaw’s severely low current popularity on top of everything else, to have to chase a dagger proc effect just to reach the spec’s subpar single-target “normal”.

I haven’t had a chance to test the 4piece yet but does anyone know if the 4 piece set bonus will proc greenskins?

Check rogue’s discord. People will be able to answer there for sure.
I wouldn’t be surprised if bugged. There are like 8 bugs around rogues right now. Some been around for a year.