Upcoming Merger

Hello fellow shard mates!! Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing before we get a little more crowded. How does everyone feel about the merger? Know anyone from Madoran or Dawnbringer? Will Blizz be merging our server forums as well?

I’m assuming they will be merging our forums together, as they have the others that have 4 realm connections.
I don’t know anyone from those other realms, but hopefully our communities are the same. Maybe bring some more socialness to trade. I don’t see much chatter in trade anymore. Don’t even see Prim with those strange facts when I’m on.

A few of us were lamenting the absence of some notable names just the other day in trade chat. Hopefully it livens some things up, including the server forums!

Have you noticed much of a change with the merger yet? More people around?

I have! While the number of people I see is consistent, cause of how sharding works, I am seeing a lot more people without the * next to their names. There’s def more activity in chat. The folks from Dawnbringer and Madoran seem pretty nice so far! Also there’s a bit of AH adjustment, more people posting stuff, prices need to even out again, which is happening.

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