Upcoming Darkmoon Faire and Valor Points Changes

Are you receiving valor you would have earned from raids/heroic prior to this if you were under season cap but capped out for the week?

They can’t even get the simple parts of this right. Don’t hold your breath.


Was just curious lol…

If not I’ll be capped by tonight :wink:

Your valor caps were definitely off for some characters. My priests seems correct, but I never spent valor on my priest but capped every week.

My druid bought and sold valor boots twice, but its season total is at 1,545.

My paladin was my third 85 and didn’t do every week so I’m not really sure if its number is right or not.

My druid definitely got an advantage over my priest though. If I had known I would have dumped all my priests valor into selling boots in the first weeks since it didn’t all count against my Druid’s cap.

They just fixed it

Hello again! Currently there is a visual issue in the Valor Points UI and we’re working on a fix that shows the correct number of points that you’ve earned this season as of this week (maximum of 6400). We’ll be sure to update the hotfix thread once the fix is live.

Additionally, the hotfix for removing the Valor Points cap from Random Dungeon Finder should now be live. Thank you so much for your reports.

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What is going on with Rank 14 transmogs? Is this happening or not?

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yet again you having not idea what you’re talking about, SoD died cause theres nothing else to do other than raid log. The PvP was doable to an extent but once things turned into GCD/Global spams but all you have left now is incursions which are worse tol barads. Ontop of that fact that valor will be non capped, Gearing will be exactly how you just described it lol

So, question. I’ve seen this explained multiple different ways… your max is 6400 for a week, 6400 for the phase. and once you use some can you rebuild back to the 6400, again I’m hearing different variations of this. also, I heard you can pocket up to 6400 but only getting 1600 each week.

Can we get a fix in RDF it’s been bugged sense pre-patch made several topics on this but not one answer from anyone. :disguised_face: :disguised_face:

All wrong. It’s a seasonal cap, as in, every week the cap increases by 1600. This is the amount of VP you can acquire TOTAL

So, if you’ve farmed absolutely no VP so far, you can collect 6400 as of this week. Next week, that will become 8000. Any VP that you have farmed so far is subtracted from that total. Say you got 1000 VP in the first week, 400 in the 2nd, and no more. You would have a seasonal total of 1400/6400 VP going into this week, and can gather 5000 more before reaching the cap

If you’ve farmed all 1600 every week so far, you would be at 4800/6400 and can only get 1600 this week

Does anyone know if you can actually pass 4k valor? Ingame it does say the max cap is 6400 and justice shows 4k I just don’t want to waste valor if i’m say 3900 and I do a heroic and waste 140 valor.

So 6400 VP is it? I have 1850 in my pocket and spent 4550. So I can’t earn anymore? Ever?

You can hold as much Valor as you want, provided you can earn Valor. The “max cap of 6400” is a rolling seasonal cap on Valor EARNED. If a dungeon gives 240 Valor but you’re 100 away from your cap, only 100 Valor would be earned and count towards your cap.

Read the blue post. It’s a ROLLING seasonal cap, meaning the cap will increase by 1600 each week (until the next tier).

What happened to earning bonus justice points for completing heroics after achieving the valor cap

They aren’t working on Cata right now guys, just chill on asking them to fix things. Cata will now be neglected until SoD is in a “stable” state, the roles have now reversed

Does this also effect the monthly quests and turn them into every 2 weeks?

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Firstly a bug report:
The monthly profession quests haven’t reset since the last faire.
And someone else has also mentioned that the item quests haven’t reset.

With the above in mind, with a fortnightly faire, will (or should) these quests reset monthly or fortnightly?

Currently they’re not even monthly, having failed to reset since the previous faire more than a month ago. :grimacing:

It’s Blizzard, were you honestly expecting things to be working?