Upcoming Class Tuning Changes - April 5

Resolve Trinket in PvP needs a nerf badly. Wind Shearing a cast and being punished for it because now they’re immune to the next CC from my partners is asinine. Combine that with Mages running normal blink out of stuns, and it’s extremely anti-fun behavior. Please add an ICD and/or allow the buff to be purged.

More PvP tuning for tier set bonuses is needed, namely Hunters and possibly Holy Paladin. Healer parity is still bad even with those Holy Priest nerfs.

Holy Priest and Holy Paladin are both solidly in the top 2 of all healers in PvP as evidenced by representation on ladder and in the AWC tournaments.

Resto Shaman, Discipline Priest, and Mistweaver all need slight buffs. I’d recommend unnerfing their tier (that was for PvE reasons and not needed for PvP) and a direct buff to one of Mistweaver’s core abilities.

(All of the above is for PvP, for the raiders reading)


Can we revisit the BM Hunter tier set? We were told the following:

Then a change was implemented that literally adds ZERO AoE damage to the tier set, and only adds duration to Beast Cleave.


Come on, they increased BC target cap. We heaps viable now. Not at the bottom at all. Perfectly viable in m+ and raid.

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Who said BM isn’t viable? Don’t put words in my mouth. What is the point of coming to the forums just to tell people their feedback isn’t welcome? It’s a feedback forum and I’m giving my feedback.

If you disagree with what I actually said, then argue that.

Edit: Someone said they think your comment is sarcastic, but I can’t tell. If you were being sarcastic, my apologies for the response.

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“BM Hunter is fine”

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Blood DK not touched LOL. you can literally go run a ST sim on high geared tanks ( around 272) and see that dk sims 11k ST, and the tank that comes after sims 7K ( all other tanks are betwen 6-7 k)

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does blizzard actually look at the data from a PTR? here is a bold new idea, how about balancing gear or class changes BEFORE release? at worst, you may have to buff it a little after release but nobody will care at all. instead we see these overpowered things released, then a massive nerf that only pisses people off.

if only the original blizzard poster had also mentioned that the bear tier set was JUST nerfed a few days ago. 2 nerfs in a week is pretty strong evidence that the PTR is a waste of time for players. plenty of evidence from BFA too.


How else would they keep people on the gear treadmill chasing the FOTM specs/classes?


Remove Power Infusion instead of nerfing Demo, please.


A good change.

A really good change!

A confusing change?


How did blizzard draw the conclusion that bear is outline on single target?
Just run a quick sim on raidbot, even with 4pc it won’t be more than 8k for 3 min fight. Meanwhile dk, pala and monk can easily do more.
Bear is not a choice for raid, now it won’t work for mythic+ as well.

This is funny: early blue post said “we won’t nerf overtured spec”. Bear is not the best choice for pushing higher keys, but still got nerfed.


I’m just glad you guys didn’t straight-up butcher Demo. It’s like a 4-5% nerf maybe, but a big reason why that spec is ahead is because it’s just such a good PI/Rally recipient and this doesn’t gut it because of that.


Remove any external cooldown that can be applied to another class, honestly. Just creates situations of haves and have nots. Small and permanent buffs are fine, but PI just creates situations where getting it sometimes makes the times you dont feel quite bad.


Ahhh, demon hunters still having an absolute trash tier 4p thanks blizzard how many more days will i be ingesting thy faecal matter


So we’re just pretending 3% and a weird qol change are all BM needed huh?


They are nerfing the wrong thing. Nerf stupid Venthyr ability, it’s what is making guardians seem strong , I did 50k single target dps on world boss because of toxiacalic and venthyr ability, the next dps did like 9k damage. I did over 6.6 million damage to the world boss, almost half his health. Nerf Venthyr, buff guardian damage in general, then they can think about nerfing the set.

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Fury is lower-mid of the pack, Arms is almost dead last. Did we really need to nerf the Fury tier set and can Arms get some buffs?

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So no designers are playing DH? DH’s AOE is shi.t


Are so aware of how many bugs are currently affecting Outlaw? Is it on your radar for future changes?

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Grappling Hook will break if any solid part of the environment is between you and the destination
Main Gauche cannot proc poisons
Main Gauche cannot proc from the majority of main hand abilities (most notably Dispatch, this hurts our tier especially if Kyrian/Necro as our focus is on abilities that do not proc Main Gauche)
The free pistol shots from Blunderbuss do not Blade Flurry (likely a bug) or proc Combat Potency (unsure if bug) or get affected by Opportunity (unlikely a bug)
Using Between the Eyes on an animacharged combo point will be treated as its regular combo point value for the purpose of determining its chance to proc Greenskins
When the 2pc is equipped, the buff from either Blunderbuss or Greenskins sometimes doesn’t get consumed from a hardcasted pistol shot like normal
The free pistol shot from the 2pc sometimes doesn’t give an extra combo point when Broadsides is rolled
The free Between the Eyes from the 4pc, if activated from a pistol shot that lands you on an animacharged combo point, will steal the anima cp from you, and not even consume it correctly, it’s still 6cp
The free pistol shot from the 2pc does not blade flurry or proc combat potency…