Upcoming Class Tuning Changes – March 29

Well… one more week of Demo/Hunter/Guardian Druid taking all the fun from everyone else in keys.


ele shamans behind by far more than 5% on damage…but ok…lets see how this plays out
way to go admitting in blue writing you completely destroyed a spec for accessibility.


I can’t help myself, I have to say it :man_shrugging:
Someone will always be last.


Please look at the healer balance, I think its pretty bad right now, and bear aoe is waaay too good.


Also how is Ret not being buffed, its sitting nicely right next to Feral and Unholy, honestly wish I could listen to how these buffs are suggested and some classes just 100% ignored.


Cool beans. Where are the PvP tunings now?


It’s nice youre still doing tuning. Please make this a regular thing. There are still some classes that will need love.

But on another note - what is that outlaw buff? Look. Unless you’re going to uncap it, you may as well disable the spec. It’s useless.


i mean it’s ok this tier on single target fights it’s just the aoe that took a shotgun to the knees so M+ is harder.
also sucks that echoes only goes on tier slots

That is true, but when a class is significantly behind everyone else, that is a balance problem. It’s common for a single target spec to suck at AoE or an AoE spec to suck at single target, but BM is currently dead last in both.

Also, look at the sims.

  • Most specs get about a 25% boost from 4pc tier set. BM gets about 13% and it adds absolutely nothing to AoE/Cleave.
  • Simmed maximum DPS with best gear for BM is about 14.3k single target. WW is the only other spec in that range, while every other spec is 15-18k. But WW makes up for it with AoE damage. A 3% buff would put BM at 14.7k, which is still way below the next spec up. Heck, the 5% buff other specs got would put BM at 15k, which would STILL be last.

Mistweaver is being run by every single world first comp for the entire tier for guilds that had one ready to be played. Resto shaman was benched after Guardian and only in the last hour been brought into Jailer (can almost guarantee will be swapped back out though).


is mw actually good? the tier lists i’ve found online all say c or d tier for mythic+ and raids? i obviously believe you but what is it that is actually happening vs what the guides are saying?

Its good to see tuning to underperforming specs.

What it would also be amazing is that you talked to us about your planned nerfs , atleast which specs you are currently planning to nerf without saying any specific numbers or %s so you coul get feedback form class experts ( not me) on the best ways to adress the nerf, and also to have a more straightforward and transparent comunication with the playerbase


i really hope this aint going live for PvP and somehow gets seperated.



Ret has been completely forgotten by blizzard. Every other class has some more viable dps spec and ret is dead last. How can you ignore ret paladins for this long…


Destro getting a 5% aura buff

OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh

It’s good to know Ret Paladins haven’t been forgotten.
Perhaps the community just needs to be more vocal, it seems to work for the other underperforming specs.




That’s why hunters have opted to just play one (or both) of the other hunter specs that are in pretty okay places.

Protection Warrior Buffs are awesome and Thank you for them!

But, let’s not forget the competition we have:

  • Consecration hitting the 18% DR, ~60% Block uptime that blocks spells, Bulwark Lego + Divine toll legendary, utility and selfheal.
  • Kegsmash Lego + Kegsmash 278 conduit + 4set (+damage, healing and max HP from Kegsmash)
  • DK gearlevels with self sustain, mob control
  • DH self sustain, mob control and really high damage.

These tanks get to experience a certain degree of self sustain if they play them right and that’s not only rewarding but fun, keep them like that, please DON’T NERF them but bring us more in line, it’s frustrating being in keys and begging your teammates to interrupt bolts because you can’t do anything on your own.

These buffs feel like an appetizer while the main course would be adding:

  • 20% DR and Damage to the 4set instead of 10%
  • Anger Management affecting both Demoralizing shout and Last Stand
  • Thunder clap damage increased massively (50-60%)
  • Thunderlord Legendary without a cap.

Also with the amount of Magic Damage in the raid I don’t know if 5% is enough of a buff to ignore pain.


Thanks for these!