Upcoming class changes 3/29/22

(PVP) Here we go again…

Blizzard will never learn, by the time they admit that certain classes need significant nerfs it will be too late. And they will argue that they don’t want to waste the time of people who copy and pasted a meta post on redit.

Of the top 100 players in the world (pvp) 20% are holy priests, 6% are resto druids, 0% are mist weaver, 2% are holy paladins, and 5% are resto shaman,

(in 3s)

Of all the healers in the top 100 in the world, 60% are holy priests, 18% are resto druids, 6% are holy paladins, 15% are resto shaman, and 0 %, of course, 0% are mistweaver (go figure).

But nooooo lets give mistweaver a spinning crane kick buff and nothing else, and lets not make all those copy paste holy priests mad about playing the best spec and not the class they enjoy.

Awaiting Doors fair and unbiased opinion.


That was a PvE change presumably meant to address their low aoe damage, maybe in dungeons.

They were all PvE changes that’ll just happen to spill over into PvP.


Five percent damage or healing on an under whelming class is not gonna save them to people pumping out unbelievable numbers as mage lock x in threes.

That goes for mw or ele or really any b tier spec in the game.

Certain caster meta is here to stay until 10.0

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Some people really don’t understand pve tuning and it shows.

I promise you that 30% mistweaver spinning crane kick buff isn’t going to stop you on the road to challenger

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What do you mean by this? Is there such thing as balance coming “too late”?

This season is likely to last 9 months+ still.


Like Jayne said, it was pve focused changes.
PvP Changes are stricly mentionned as PvP, and all have that ‘‘only in pvp situation’’ next to them.

Also, they didnt want to nerf high dps class in pve to screw the world first race, now thats its over, we might see changes to them, and it will also affect pvp.

Blizzard please make defense stance 20%DR / 30%DPSreduce


I second this, if for no other reasons than to get rid of fury. Blech I hate fury.

I might be wrong, but as I understand it, Any and all PVE changes will affect PVP. Any change they make to a class in a PVE tuning makes it into instanced PVP right? Unless accompanied by a PVP change like:
Buff lava burst by 20%
(in PVP only) reduced lava burst by 20%

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Basically they’ll make a PvE change that affects the whole game, then you’ll sometimes have them going back and going “Whoops, maybe buffing rdruid by 10% in pvp isn’t good” and dial back some values specifically in PvP.

Stuff spills over, though, like they buffed BM then only reverted a few of the buffs.

You are correct yes.
Unless its specified as a pvp change only, it affects every aspect of the game

Demo nerfs when blizzard

Yes, as stated in previous patches, Blizzard does not like to nerf classes because, “we don’t want to waste players time on gearing / playing certain classes.”

Some people don’t know how to read, go figure it’s a priest who has never even achieved challenger on any character, nice diss tho, go holy mate, you’ll win 90% of your games.

You read 1 part about mistweaver, but you failed to see the rest of the 60% of healers in rated pvp are priests, but oh well, I can’t force you to read the entire thing and form an actual opinion. Good luck on getting challenger 1 mate.

While Blizzard has focused on PVE changes because that is the content that is relevant, they are completely ignoring another facet of the game, PVP is again in a bad state where there is 1 healing class that is destroying all others, and they stay silent on this. and I promise you in a few weeks Blizzard’s excuse will be that they don’t want to ruin the time invested in priests. Fix the freaking meta, RMP nerf was tiny and barely did a thing.

And I promise you when the 10 guilds currently running sepulcher are finished the only viable fun content that will be left is PVP, just like every patch. So yea, fix PVP before PVE class changes and the game will run smoother. Separate PVP stats/gear/abilities from PVE and have 2 teams working on them so they can get buffs/nerfs out faster.

Can you cite this please?