Up Grade for Silvermoon

I have been playing since 2004. During my time I have seen a few cities get a facelift, Stormwind, and Orgrimmar. I have seen the downfall of Theramore into ruins but we are still allowed to visit Theramore in-game as it used to be before the big bomb that brought it down.

The Blood elves are a vain people and I do not understand why Silvermoon has not got a new facelift. It has been over ten years and I really don’t think they are just content to let their city set in ruins. I use to hear rumors about “Oh well, Silvermoon is on a different platform, so we can’t update.”

Well, Blizzard, you have changed your platforms several times since then. Will Silvermoon be forever cast as a stage that represents their past or will you please update it and just allow for an option to visit the ruined city. I am okay with not having personal flying there but I would sure love to see the city restored. And I wonder if there is anyone else who would like to see the same? What does it take to get Blizzard’s attention to this feature?

In about 5 years this game will be 20 years old…in about 7years BC will be 20…( It may seem like a long time still to come but it is not). How long do the Blood’ elves have to wait before they get an extremely much-updated city? (( Think about it maybe THIS is the real reason Sylvanas is sooo mad)) lol…Anyways this subject has been on my mind of late and I just wanted to ask and see if there is any way we can petition for an upgrade for Silvermoon. Thank you for reading my post and Good Gaming To All.