Unsubbed until SoM2 announcement

I liked his notice, thanks.


Logged in last week first time since df launch and there was 2 people left in the guild 550 to 2 lmao. this game hasn’t changed one bit since tbc.

but mythic razzle dazzle… alive.

Right with you. Letting sub run out and will come back for next season of wow vanilla. Nothing else is interesting.

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SoM2 announcement on the 29th… :smiley:


Sadly, I’m betting it’s gonna be a while based on their last posted thoughts on SoM.

My guess is radio silence on the next season until April or May at the earliest but I hope I’m wrong.


that post indicates nothing about the potential release date of SoM2.

Look up what extrapolate means then go compose your next educational post, fool.

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I made like three friends doing heroic prog pugging retail players don’t talk and aren’t friendly enough to warrant wanting to pug raid lead mythic

but it is the adversity that breeds comraderie, not the other way around. you got it backwards.

you can extrapolate nothing of the sort from those words.

ftfy sweetie

But he said extrapolate



He can parrot just fine.

However, Axxo was joking about when an announcement about SoM would be made to which I responded - not the release date itself. Arielba didn’t even read closely enough to pick up on that.

It’s like you have to trim the crusts from his sammiches for him. Jeez.

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we’ll have to agree to disagree.

Just unsubbed. I’ll be back for SOM2 or fresh Vanilla.


An odd post - you’re planning to resub as soon as SoM2 is announced? Because the sensible thing would be to resub if/when SoM2 is actually released.

You’d better hope Blizzard don’t announce it far in advance or you’ll really be throwing the money away…

Bookmarked. For future teasing.


Its not 90% chinese but ok. Lot of english speakers at all levels. Plenty of people still leveling up too. Is it perfect, nope but at least its fresh.

There’s a lot of bugs and issues w the server but yeah knock it out