Unsubbed until destro gets substantial buffs

casters overall just suck right now. Melee is stupid Overtuned in pve and pvp right now


I saw the ptr buffs, they don’t feel substantial at all. 10% channel demonfire? like a 17 sec cd spell thats more like a filler than anything, 20% soul fire which is a 3 sec cast. GROSS LMAO, sburn triggering decimation, NO ONE TAKES SBURN FOR SINGLE TARGET DAMAGE lmfao

Survival is also getting buffs on the 10th.

Those are in addition to the PTR buffs. They become active next Tuesday. PTR wont be live for weeks.

We topped the list at the end of the expac when they released tier. Top AOE class, not single target though. Then they nerfed it in like a week, weird how quick they are to nerf and not buff.


If you play demo you do…

You’re not unsubbing.

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Devs have a hard time with players in this game who look at PVP stuff cause they think all specs and classes will be equal or OP [dependent on what they are playing].

Then you get the ones posting logs on 95% percentile raid logs saying [OMGERD my spec is bad] … you are a friggin warlock, you are a turret basically, go play a different class if you want some better dmg while moving. IN PVP OF ALL AREAS.

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Chaos bolt ignored


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! And see you same time tomorrow!!!


Posting this from my 9/10M Nathria toon because Destro was absolute dog**** during that tier and I had to play Affliction for the last few bosses as a result.

And that experience made me burn out so hard that I unsubbed the rest of the expac and didn’t get to enjoy the half of the expansion where Destro wasn’t dog****, or the one week they got to enjoy being OP.

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Well i mean outlaw wasent that great either, i still played some keys with it, they only buffed outlaw i think end of season 2

Extra spicy fire tho is nice

If you think those arent solid buffs you bad

Do people use channel demonfire this expansion? I never really used it. :nerd_face:

Every DPS spec looking at the Ret Paladin buffs with barely contained anger.

I think I’ve used it as a regular part of my rotation since they introduced it tbh but that could be just me

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Yeah, CDF was never bad as an ability, it just wasn’t as good as the talents that it had to share a row with in the previous system.

As a 3 point investment in a good spot of the tree, it’s in a pretty good spot.

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u should look at my logs for destro and just copy what i do :slight_smile: i be bussin on god

the ST damage is pretty comparable to demo before the buffs. the buffs look solid, i don’t know how much of a difference it’ll make for us because we’re still stuck in place casting but we should be able to compete

So warlocks are not top tier anymore. hm okay.

Yeah the distribution is messed up, but you can’t really balance a class system with unique attributes tbh. They all play different and have vulnerabilities.

Glad I went healer though.

Don’t let ppl lie to you, demo is really good at what it’s good at.