<Unprotected Hex> 9/9M 2 CE Teams Mon/Wed/Thur 9pm-12am HA-Tues/Wed/Thur 10pm-130am EST

All times are EST.

Raid Unprotected Hex Hex Appeal
Schedule Mon/Tues/Wed 10:00PM-1:30AM Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:00PM-12AM
Recruiting Muli-Tank DH Enhance Mage DH Priest/Sham/Evoker Heals
Aberrus US 246 US 294
Vault US 334 US 473
Sepulcher US 300 US 383
Sanctum US 440 9/10M
Nathria US 591 9/10M


  • Melee players should be able to play a tank-off spec if required for 3 tanking fights.
  • Tank players applying should have multiple tanks ready to go.
  • Healer players applying must be familiar with kaze/MRT wa and have a strong knowledge of reading log timelines.
  • Ranged players are required to know how to play all the specs of their class.

We encourage all classes and players to apply even if they are not listed above. We look to see if you know your rotation for your spec, and if you a dedicated raider, consistent in attendance, gameplay & preparation. We are only interested in players who have proof of sticking it out an entire tier or striving to do that here.

Our promise to you

  • Committed leadership to raiding & recruiting.
  • Constructive raid environment focused on killing bosses.
  • Efficiency in boss prep & discussion and log reviews.
  • Raid/M+ consumables, materials, and repairs.
  • Gold boosting m+ runs and raids.

Our Expectations for Raiders

  • Consistency in attendance, gameplay & preparation.
  • Putting guild interests before your own in-game.
  • Being accountable, passionate, and a willingness to give or take criticism.
  • High-end raiding knowledge & precious mythic raiding experience with the intent of pushing for CE.

We are a large guild with a community feel, we also enjoy doing high-end m+ keys together, and multiple raid events for gold sales. We are only interested in players who can commit full tiers with our teams if they fit.

Our Raider.io page

Wow Progress

Join our discord to apply & learn more about us

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