Unoffical Playable Saberon Discussion Thread

That’s fair. I just assumed they they didn’t armor in their dragon form to make them mimic other dragons.

And if they really do share a skeleton with worgen than one would think it wouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Other dragons on media or in game?

Eh… that actually don’t matter since dragonoids has armor anyways.

I meant like Ysera, Alex, Onyxia, etc. When they go dragon they don’t wear armor.

But you’re right on dragonoid creatures. They wear chest pieces, hats, gloves and shoulders.

I dunno, I would be fine with either :woman_shrugging:

they need to make Ninja ones

Patch 9.2.5 was announced to come out on May 31st. I gathered a few Wowhead links going over the contents:

I know there are suppose to be events going on during the patch to show how Azeroth has been during Shadowlands. I haven’t seen anything involving the Barrens or the Saberon and Botani that came with us. The latter of which scares me to think what they’ve been up to since they came with us in BfA.

Still no Dragonflight preorders, which is what the rumors mentioned were related to any new playable races. Can’t say it’s true or not, but we won’t find out until we see the preorder incentives for it. Hopefully, we’ll find out more info on that sooner than later.

Chances may be low we’ll see anything Saberon related, but if anything is found, I’ll be sure to help report it here. :cut_of_meat::tiger2:


A post on the Community Council was made to bring up the different race request megathreads on the forums. A list of race request megathreads was given to them in the Furbolg megathread, so more megathread threads should be getting added to the list in the near future.

You can see the post here:

You can also give the post a like even if you’re not part of the Community Council.

I’d like to ask this post be spread around to others so we can all support it as best as we can. No guarantees we’ll see all our dreams come true, but having something on there helps increases our chances, in my opinion!

Playable Saberon would be gggrrrrrrrreat! :cut_of_meat::tiger2:

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Oh god I miss saberon form.

i can transform into a saberon but only for 10 min

Well, today is when 9.2.5 comes out. It already has extended maintenance, with an ETA ending of 5 PM PST, but to be fair, the Cross Faction stuff is likely very complicated to implement and make sure it’s working properly. Best to make sure enough time is given, and hopefully it’ll be smooth for those working on the game during maintenance.

Can’t say we’ll see much regarding the Saberon and Botani that came with us from Draenor, but there are suppose to be various events going on during 9.2.5. The only specific thing mentioned was something involving the Horde Council, and of course there is something going on in Tirisfal Glades that we still barely know anything about. Not to mention the encrypted splash screen we should be seeing that is suspicious. Who knows what to expect?

Rumors are still flaring up about potential new races being tied to Dragonflight preorders. Not sure when that’ll be, but we won’t be able to put the rumors to bed until we see preorder incentives. My hope is that if we are getting new races at some point, it’ll be ones that people have been requesting for quite awhile.

Chances may be low we’ll see something come up with the Barrens and the Saberon and Botani with it, but if I happen to see anything of interest, I will be sure to report it back here. Even if nothing really comes of anything with 9.2.5 or Dragonflight, I’ll still be helping to support playable Saberon as best as I can.

After all, I gotta help to show just how gggrrrrrrrreat playable Saberon would be! :cut_of_meat::tiger2:

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Heh, imagine if the Botani are only discovered doing things in the Wailing Caverns because feral Scourge just seemed to disappear when they went into the area. Turns out the Botani were turning them into feed to grow more of their own and build up a new Genesaur.


With a new month comes a new round of in-game suggestions of races I want to see become playable! Saberon included, of course!

As you know, at the beginning of each month, I submit in-game suggestions of races I want to see playable while referring to their respective megathreads. Not a guarantee it’ll lead to something, but I figure it can’t hurt to give it a try.

If you’re interested in doing this for your wanted races as well, I made a little guide in the following post:

Hopefully Blizzard will look at our suggestions and megathreads with interest and an open mind!

After all, playable Saberon would be grrrrrrrreat! :cut_of_meat::tiger2:


Saberon for the Horde!

Suggestion day!


So far, I haven’t really see much in the ways of events that were mentioned to be going on. Something involving the Horde Council was specifically mentioned by Blizzard, but all I’ve see in Orgrimmar is the opportunity to throw exploding pies at lazy workers. I don’t know if more events are forthcoming every other week or so, so we’ll see if anything else happens as time passes, I guess.

I haven’t really noticed much in the Barrens, which is still time locked in Cataclysm more or less. I do think the longer we go without addressing the Botani there, the more worried I get of what they’re up to. And quite a bit of time has already passed since they and the Saberon came with us from Draenor.

I’ll still keep my eyes out for anything of Saberon interest to report as usual. I’m curious what all the Saberon have been up to as well, though the Botani kinds scare me in general. Moreso given how close to Orgrimmar the Barrens are.

Playable Saberon would be grrrrrrreat! :cut_of_meat::tiger2:

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I like cat people. Monstrous races in general are my jam, I’d speak up for Saurok as well and honestly Dracthyr are probably gonna be baller even if the rest of the expansion is a dumpster fire.


If you’re interested in playable Saurok, I do run the Saurok megathread here:

Playable Horde Saurok can always use more support. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

Monstrous races in general are always interesting and WoW could use more. Saberon in particular would be grrrrreat! :cut_of_meat::tiger2:


Yeah not sure what’s up there.

They said we’d get to know more about what happened while we were out but I’ve seen pretty much nothing.

Like what happened with the Scourge?

Feels poorly explained or executed.

Saberon in the Barrens? Wish they’d show something there too.


This post need a bump
Saberon For the alliance!!!


It absolutely did! Though I personally favor them for the Horde at the moment.

Saberon would be a wonderful addition to the playable allotment of races.


No time to take a cat nap, folks! We got a new month starting, which means another round of in-game feedback on how Saberon on that character creation screen would be awesome!

At the start of each month, I send some in-game feedback for each of the races I want to see playable, along with their respective megathreads on these forums. If you’re also interested in doing the same for your most wanted playable races, I made a little step-by-step guide on how to do that here:

I figure that every little bit helps. Not a guarantee we’ll see all our dreams come true, but you never know if we could inspire interest in playable Saberon! :tiger:

Playable Saberon would be gggrrrreeeeaaaattttt! :cut_of_meat::tiger2:


Hey I want to be a kitty cat so I can meow meow meow and a meow meow meow